Journal of Magazine and New Media Research 16:1

Journal of Magazine and New Media Research 16:1

Table Of Contents

Vol. 16, No. 1 Fall 2015


Editor’s Reflection: Keep Your Eyes Wide Elizabeth Hendrickson

Featured Research

Business as Usual? The Cultural, Economic, and Social Capital of Magazines in a Russian City
Yulia S. Medvedeva

The Contribution of City Magazines to the Urban Information Environment
Susan Currie Sivek

Persuading the Public to Lose Weight: An Analysis of a Decade (2001-2011) of Magazine Advertisement
Suman Mishra and Rebecca Kern


The Future of the Magazine Form: Digital Transformation, Print Continuity
David Abrahamson

Academic Agility and Collegial Conversations: The Past, Present and Future of the Journal of Magazine & New Media Research
Kathleen Endres, Leara Rhodes, Carol B. Schwalbe, Miglena Sternadori, and David Sumner

Book Reviews

Twenty Years of Magazine Research
David Sumner

Harrington Shares His Craft of Storytelling
David Sumner

A Life in the Hazy Borderlands Between Journalism and Literature
Kevin Lerner