Journal of Magazine Media 18:2

Journal of Magazine Media 18:2

Table Of Contents

Vol. 18, No. 2 Spring 2018


Editor’s Reflection: The Pivot to Print
Kevin Lerner


There Once Was a Profession Called Magazine Editing: Exploring the Brave New World
David Abrahamson, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Abe Peck

Featured Research

Should There Be an App for That? An Analysis of Interactive Applications within Longform News Stories
Susan Jacobson, Jacqueline Marino, Robert E. Gutsche, Jr.

Home Computing’s Halcyon Days: Discourse Frames in Computer Magazines in the Mid-1980s
Terry L. Britt

Maxim Is a Bully: Making Women the Victim for Male Pleasure
Pamela Nettleton

Book Reviews

The Woman Whose Photos Troubled LIFE Magazine Editors
Carol Zuegner

Looking Back on Forgotten Images of Injustice and Integration
Paola Banchero

Work, Sex, Parenting: Solving Irish Women’s Mid-century “Problems”
Kathleen Endres

Trashing Wedding Magazines, One Gown at a Time
Miglena Sternadori

Glitterati, on the Fringe Stephanie

An Idiosyncratic Hero’s Journey to Writing like Yourself
Kevin Lerner

Finding the Fun in the Fundaments
Betsy Edgerton

A New Admiration for the Profile
Aileen Gallagher