Middle West Review 08:2

Middle West Review 08:2

Edited by Jon K. Lauck

Table Of Contents

Volume 8, Number 2 (Spring 2022)
Special Symposium: The Jewish Midwest

Jon K. Lauck

Jewish “Iron Rangers”: Jewish Settlement on Minnesota’s Iron Range
Marilyn J. Chiat

“There Are No Cultural Islands like Ceshinsky’s”: Ceshinsky’s Community Bookstore and Intellectual Space in Chicago, 1922–1966
Erin Faigin 

Eyzehu M’koman Shel Zevakhim? [What is the Site of the Ritual Sacrifice?]: Yiddish Writers Encounter the Chicago Meatpacking Industry
Jessica Kirzane

Culture and Politics in Cleveland’s Hebrew Cultural Garden
Sean Martin

“Minneapolis: The Curious Twin”: A Reexamination
Laura Weber

Book Reviews
Kerry Pimblott, Faith in Black Power: Religion, Race, and Resistance in Cairo, Illinois
Samantha Horton

Sara Egge, Woman Suffrage and Citizenship in the Midwest, 1870–1920
Bonnie Laughlin-Schultz

Kristopher Maulden, The Federalist Frontier: Settler Politics in the Old Northwest, 1783–1840
Patrick Allan Pospisek

Jane Ann Moore and William F. Moore, Owen Lovejoy and the Coalition for Equality: Clergy, African Americans, and Women United for Abolition
Rochelle E. Danquah

Jonathan Wright and Dawson Barrett, Punks in Peoria: Making a Scene in the American Heartland
David Woken

Book Review Essay
Goths and Visigoths: Jon Hassler and the Midwestern Moral Universe
Jon K. Lauck

Media Reviews
Detroit, dir. Kathryn Bigelow, 2017
Jacob DeBrock

Breaking Away, dir. Peter Yates, 1979
Sheng-mei Ma

Internal/Rural Disaster and Recovery in Take Shelter (dir. Jeff Nichols, 2011)
Matthew Sorrento

An Interview with Pulitzer-Prize Winning Journalist, Farah Stockman

An Interview with Iowa’s Poet Laureate, Debra Marquart

Midwestern Fashion Pioneer: Virgil Abloh, 1980–2021
Holly M. Kent

A Poet of the Midwest: Robert Bly, 1926–2021
David R. Pichaske

How the Midwest Shaped the Way We Bank: Early Twentieth-Century Banking Politics
Christopher W. Shaw