Resilience 09:3

Resilience 09:3

Edited by Stephanie Foote, Dana Luciano, and Anthony Lioi
Article cluster "Multispecies Resilience" guest edited by Jordan Sheridan and Nandini Thiyagarajan

Table Of Contents

Volume 9, No. 3 (Fall 2022)
Purple by John Akomfrah: Confronting Human Histories with Deep Time in the Anthropocene
Clara de Massol de Rebetz

Thirteen Ways of Looking at Weather
Sara J. Grossman

On Earthlings and Aliens: Space Mining and the Challenge of Post-Planetary Eco-Criticism
Brad Tabas

Cluster on Multispecies Resilience
Guest edited by Jordan Sheridan and Nandini Thiyagarajan

Introduction: Will They Survive, Or Not?
Jordan Sheridan and Nandini Thiyagarajan

Wild/Life in the Age of Environmental Crisis: Planet Earth II’s Aesthetic of Resilience
Sundhya Walthe

The Resilience of the Pest
Jesse Arseneault and Rosemary-Claire Collard

Oceanic, Multispecies, Resilient Resistance: Whales, Noise Pollution, and Tiny House Warriors
Leesa K. Fawcett and Morgan Johnson

Multispecies Resilience After Word(s)
Susie O’Brien