American Book Review 43:2

American Book Review 43:2

Edited by Jeffrey R. Di Leo
Guest editor Laura Cernat

Table Of Contents

Volume 43, Number 2, Summer 2022

From the Editor
Dark Academe
Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Focus: Autofiction and Autotheory
Introduction: Autofiction, Autotheory, and Regimes of Visibility
Laura Cernat

Autofiction across Borders: Anglo-Metamorphoses of a French Concept
Karen Ferreira-Meyers

“Certain people were born with the internet inside them and suffered greatly from it”: Autofiction at the Intersection of Self, Sociality, and Mediation
Anna Poletti

Refugee Writing and the Right to Autofiction
Tom Toremans

Reading Autofiction: The Cognitive Turn
Alison Gibbons

Against Autofiction: The French Resistance to Autofiction from Gérard Genette to Julia Kristeva
Anneleen Masschelein

Ben Lerner’s Autofictional Politics of Form
Ioannis Tsitsovits

“That Listening Mien”: Queer and Psychoanalytic Intersubjectivity in Sedgwick’s Autotheory
Yael Segalovitz

Queer Intelligibility and Autotheory
Rachel Lallouz

“Wake Work”: Thinking as Care in the Black Autotheoretical Writings of Christina Sharpe
Lauren Gabrielle Fournier

Autofiction, Autotheory, and the Neoliberal Contemporary
Marc Farrant


A Modest Proposal on Faculty Governance
Paul Allen Miller


Saul Friedländer, Proustian Uncertanties: On Reading and Rereading In Search of Lost Time
Daniel T. O’Hara

Mark Fisher, ed. Darren Ambrose, k-punk: The Collected and Unpublished Writings of Mark Fisher (2004–2016)
Devin Thomas O’Shea

Kenneth Goldsmith, Duchamp Is My Lawyer: The Polemics, Pragmatics, and Poetics of UbuWeb
Andrew S. Taylor

An Interview with Reyna Grande
Frederick Luis Aldama

J. Bradley, On the Campaign Trail; Robert Kelly, illus. Emma Polyakov, Ten New Fairy Tales; and Laura Krughoff, Wake in the Night
Jane Rosenberg LaForge

Ha Seong-nan, trans. Janet Hong, Flowers of Mold
Rebecca Cuthbert

Loie Rawding, Tight Little Vocal Cords
Erin H. Davis

Marcia Butler, Oslo, Maine: A Novel
Edward M. Bury

Clifford Garstang, House of the Ancients and Other Stories
Voyo Gabrilo

Jane Rosenberg LaForge, Sisterhood of the Infamous
Diane Goodman

Rebecca Fishow, The Trouble with Language
Erin H. Davis

Camilla Grudova, The Doll’s Alphabet
Kolby Harvey

Chase Griffin, What’s on the Menu?
Daniel Gonzalez

The Volunteer Negro
E. Ethelbert Miller


Debra Di Blasi, Selling the Farm: Descants from a Recollected Past
Erin H. Davis

Kat Meads, Dear DeeDee
Loie Rawding

Steven Sher, Contestable Truths, Incontestable Lies
Richard Jeffrey Newman

Janet Hamill, A Map of the Heavens: Selected Poems, 1975–2017
Jane Rosenberg LaForge

Robert Kramer, trans. Roberto Mendoza Ayala, In the Margins/Al margen
Marta López-Luaces

Susana H. Case, Dead Shark on the N Train
Margot Farrington

Thaddeus Rutkowski, Tricks of Light: New and Selected Poems
Amy Holman

Stephen Cramer, ed., Turn It Up! Music in Poetry from Jazz to Hip-Hop
Eric Plaks

Chris Tysh, Derrida’s In/Voice
Evan Reynolds

Phill Provance, A Plan in Case of Morning
Josh Williams

Laurel Blossom, Un-
Fred Muratori

Greg Masters et al., Collaborations

David Unger, illus. Carlos Vélez Aguilera, Sleeping with the Light On
Ludy Rueda

Printers and Poets
An Interview with David Wilk
Charles Alexander

An Interview with Ken Edwards and Brian Marley of Grand Iota

Poetics to Come
Why Poetics, Then?
Daniel T. O’Hara

The Departed
The All-Too-Human Departure of Jean-Luc Nancy
Irving Goh