German Yearbook of Contemporary History 06:1

German Yearbook of Contemporary History 06:1

Secret Services and International Arms Trade in the Cold War Era
Edited by William Glenn Gray and Thomas Schlemmer

Table Of Contents

Volume 6 (2022)
Introduction: Secret Services and the Arms Trade in German-Speaking Europe
William Glenn Gray and Thomas Schlemmer

The Origins of the BND: The Gehlen Organization: Process, Myth, and Legacy
Thomas Wolf

Programming with the Class Enemy: The Stasi, Siemens, and IT Knowledge Transfer during the Cold War
Rüdiger Bergien

Problems with the “Big Brother”: The GDR’s Ministry for State Security and the CPSU’s Policy toward Germany in 1969/70
Siegfried Suckut

Relationships, Suspicion, and Secrecy in Germany’s Early Cold War Secret Service Agencies
Kristie Macrakis

“Keep It under Wraps”: The Arms Deals of the Austrian State Industry and the Noricum Scandal
Thomas Riegler

Tanks for the Shah: Iran, the Leopard II, and Arms Exports in the Era of Oil Shocks
Bettina Weißgerber

Arms Exports and Holocaust Memory: Saudi Arabia, Leopard Tanks, and Bonn’s Secret Israel Clause of 1982
Hubert Leber

Arms Exports: The Normality of a Scandalous Subject: A Comment
Michael Geyer

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