Native South 14:1

Native South 14:1

Edited by Melanie B. Taylor, Alejandra Dubcovsky, and Rose Stremlau

Table Of Contents

Volume 14, 2021

Metawney of Coweta: Creek (Muscogee) Women and Their Eighteenth-Century World
Bryan Rindfleisch

Creoles, Indians, and Raquette in Louisiana
Hans Rasmussen

Negotiating the Royal Proclamation: Shared Legalities and the Ordering of Authority in the Southeastern Borderlands, 1763–1768
Austin Stewart

Brer Rabbit’s Many-Colored Coattails: Disrupting Settler Colonial Fictions in Joel Chandler Harris’s Uncle Remus Series
Robyn Johnson

Field Notes
“A Little Indian There”: Henry Louis Gates, DNA, and the Immutability of Lumbee Identity
Brittany D. Hunt