Middle West Review 09:1

Middle West Review 09:1

Edited by Jon K. Lauck
Christopher R. Laingen and Jennifer Stinson, Associate Editors 

Table Of Contents

Volume 9, Number 1 (Fall 2022)

Jon K. Lauck

“Ho! My boys, this is the place!”: The Manx in the Midwest and the Emigration of the Faragher Brothers
John Mack Faragher

Politicized Refuge: The Rise of the Sanctuary Movement in Chicago
Nathan Ellstrand

How the Germans Beat Bates: Gustav Koerner, Carl Schurz, and the Republican National Convention of 1860
Cormac Henry Broeg    

Aging, Retirement, and Community Building in a Middle West Suburb
Mark Friedberger       

Book Reviews
Christopher P. Lehman, Slavery’s Reach: Southern Slaveholders in the North Star State
Nicole Etcheson 

Jon K. Lauck and Catherine McNicol Stock, eds., The Conservative Heartland: A Political History of the Postwar American Midwest
Linda Van Ingen       

Marc C. Johnson, Tuesday Night Massacre: Four Senate Elections and the Radicalization of the Republican Party
Bernard von Bothmer  

Stephen T. Kissel, America’s Religious Crossroads: Faith and Community in the Emerging Midwest
Jon Butler     

Mark Kruger, The St. Louis Commune of 1877: Communism in the Heartland
Matt Corpolongo       

Kristy Nabhan-Warren, Meatpacking America: How Migration, Work, and Faith Unite and Divide the Heartland
Kevin D. Smith 

Chuy Renteria, We Heard it When We Were Young
Jessica Tebo     

Ryan Rodgers, Winter’s Children: A Celebration of Nordic Skiing
Mette Flynt       

Harry F. Thompson, “Bright, Clear Sky Over a Plain So Wide”: The Center for Western Studies, 1964–2020
David Pichaske

Theresa L. Weller, The Founding Mothers of Mackinac Island: The Agatha Biddle Band of 1870
David A. Nichols         

Book Review Essays
The Spirit of Innovation in Ohio Cities
John W. Kropf 

Midwestern Studies Meets Critical Race Theory: Notes on Imagining the Heartland
Jon K. Lauck   

Media Review
Road to Perdition (dir. Sir Samuel Alexander Mendes, 2002)
Mark Brians  

An Interview with Britt Halvorson and Joshua Reno