Resilience 10.1-2

Resilience 10.1-2

Edited by Stephanie Foote, Dana Luciano, and Anthony Lioi
Tenth Anniversary Issue

Table Of Contents

Volume 10, Nos. 1-2 (Winter 2022 - Spring 2023)


Introduction: Belated Futures

Stephanie Foote, Anthony Lioi, Dana Luciano                                       

Reflections on Anthropocene Futures

Lawrence Buell 

The Environmental Humanities Beyond Planetary Crisis

Allison Carruth 

In Defense of Play

Alenda Y. Chang          

Durational Thinking and the Futures of EH

Jeffrey Jerome Cohen   

Contesting Western Exceptionalism: From Slowing Down to Slow Thinking

Gisela Heffes   

Grand Theft Eco

Ursula K. Heise and Daniel Scott Snelson          

A Theory of the Bottom: Black Ecofeminism as Politics

Jennifer C. James         

The Work of Futures

Stephanie LeMenager   

Ecocinema Studies’ Multiverse: Hollywood, Indigenous Cinema, and More

Salma Monani  

Sustainable Ordinary

Paul Outka       

From Toxic Narratives to Narrative Justice: An Environmental Humanities Perspective on a Local Green New Deal

David N. Pellow           

Sanctuary without a State, or, “Dear Friend”

Sonya Posmentier         


Cate Sandilands 

The Future is Eco-Trans

Nicole Seymour 

A Crisis Discipline? The Task of the Environmental Humanities to Come (Results of a Personal Study)

Imre Szeman    

Resilience . . .

Priscilla Wald   

Post-Critical Affordances of Environmental Humanities

Bethany Wiggin