Gettysburg Magazine 69

Gettysburg Magazine 69

Edited by Daniel Welch

Table Of Contents

Issue 69 (July 2023)



“They Fought at a Great Disadvantage”: The 82nd Ohio Volunteers in the Gettysburg Campaign

Samuel H. Fink

The 12th Virginia in the Gettysburg Campaign

John Horn

Turning the Tide in Favor of the Union: The Second United States Sharpshooters at Gettysburg

Gerald L. Earley

Doubleday at Gettysburg

Thomas Barthel

Disgruntled Rebels: The Southern News Media Sparks Controversy in the Confederate Ranks

Mike Rinehart

Eugene Blackford’s Gettysburg “Fortress”

Thomas McGrath

The Strange Case of Seraphim Meyer

James S. Pula

On Campaign with Civil War Trails: The National Shrine of St. Elizabeth Seton

Drew Gruber

If You Want To Go: Famous Last Words . . .

Sonny Fulks

Book Notes

 Vincent L. Burns, Voices of the Army of the Potomac: Personal Reminiscences of Union Veterans

James S. Pula

 Chris Bagley, The Horse at Gettysburg: Prepared for the Day of Battle

Eric Wittenberg