Anthropological Linguistics 63:1-2

Anthropological Linguistics 63:1-2

Edited by Anthony K. Webster

Table Of Contents

Volume 63, Numbers 1—2, Spring and Summer 2021 (Published 2023)
Special Issue: Personal Names in Native Languages of North America

Douglas R. Parks† 

Pawnee and Arikara Personal Names
Douglas R. Parks†

Lakota Personal Names
Raymond J. Demallie† 

Traditional Names and Naming Customs of the White Clay (Gros Ventre) People
Allan Taylor† 

Plains Cree Personal Names
Arok Wolvengrey

Personal Names in Meskwaki
Lucy Thomason

Personal Names in Oneida
Clifford Abbott 

Creek (Muskogee) Personal Names
Jack Martin

Kaska Personal Names: Continuity and Change
Patrick Moore, Daria Boltokova, and Victoria Sear

The Grammar of Traditional Personal Names in Klallam
Timothy Montler

The Form and Function of Nativized Names in Hul’q’umi’num’
Donna B. Gerdts and Ruby M. Peter†