Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships 10:1-2

Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships 10:1-2

Edited by James C. Wadley
Guest editor Leah Hollis

Table Of Contents

Volume 10, Numbers 1-2, Summer-Fall 2023


Title Wave: Title IX and How Compromised Abortion Rights can Precipitate Increased College Drop-Out Rates
Leah P. Hollis

Letter to Editor: Fifty Years of Title IX: What is Due for all Genders
Antoine l. bernard

Title IX is the Master’s Tool: (Re)conceptualizing Gender and Race Equity in U.S. Education
Tori Justin and Katelyn E. Foltz

Administrator Perception of Campus Sexual Assault Policy at an HBCU: A Composite Counterstory
Adrianne Jackson Weaver and Tamara Bertrand Jones

Erased, Hidden or Missing. Black Women’s Experiences in the Fight Against College Campus Sexual Violence
Yulanda McCarty-Harris

Why She PARs: Combating the Deintellectualization of Sport through Participatory Research
Rachel D. Roberson

I Know Someone is Watching Me: Evaluating the Impact of Dating Violence and Stalking on College Campuses and Universities and the Hesitation of Informing the Title IX Office
Candice R. Williams

For the Bruhs: The Need for the Racialized and Gendered Support of Black Male College Students
D. Lisa Cothran

A Different View of Collegiate Swimming. Under the Umbrella of Title IX: Voices of Black Womxn Collegiate Swimmers at HBCUs
Tiffany Monique Quash and Angela K. Beale-Tawfeeq

Systematic Environmental Racism and Injustice: Title IX Black Female Sports Inequality
Tahara Coleman

Book Review
Sherry Boschert, 37 Words: Title IX and Fifty Years of Fighting Sex Discrimination
Domale Dube Keys

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