Great Plains Quarterly 43:2

Great Plains Quarterly 43:2

Edited by Ramón Guerra

Table Of Contents

Volume 43, Number 2 (Spring 2023)


Signing Dynamics of the Signature Rocks
Conrad Rudolph and Jason Weems

Building New Fort Kearny, 1848: The Pawnee Nation, William Tappan, and Powell’s Missouri Volunteers
Catherine Nealy Judd 

“Phil always did the castrating”: Repression and Cowboy Masculinity in Thomas Savage’s The Power of the Dog
Mark Asquith 

Historic Designation Planning for the Nicodemus National Historic Site and Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park: A Cross-Case Analysis of Representation in Public Memory, Equity-Based Preservation Planning, and Maintenance Backlogs
Ashley C. Adams and Alec C. Edges

Creative Nonfiction
Take Them Back to Tulsa
Russell Cobb

Book Reviews
Louis V. Headman. Foreword by Sean O’Neill. Walks on the Ground: A Tribal History of the Ponca Nation
Beth R. Ritter 

Lynda Beck Fenwick. Prairie Bachelor: The Story of a Kansas Homesteader and the Populist Movement
Michael J. Hightower 

Amy Helene Forss. Borrowing from Our Foremothers: Reexamining the Women’s Movement through Material Culture, 1848–2017
Susan Curtis 

D. J. Mulloy. Years of Rage: White Supremacy in the United States from the Klan to the Alt-Right
Elizabeth Theiss-Morse

Sharon Hoogstraten. Dancing for Our Tribe: Potawatomi Tradition in the New Millennium
Robert E. Lewis Jr.

Maurilio E. Vigil and Helene Boudreau. Donaciano Vigil: The Life of a Nuevomexicano Soldier, Statesman, and Territorial Governor
Scott Fritz