Home Front Studies 02:1

Home Front Studies 02:1

Edited by James J. Kimble

Table Of Contents

Volume 2 (2022)


Editor’s Welcome
James J. Kimble

Anti-Japanese Sentiment and Action in Texas during World War II
Ryan Poff

The Federated Press and Labor Feminism on the US Home Front during World War II
Victoria M. Grieve

Pushing Aluminum: The Boy Scouts of America, the World War II Home Front, and the Scrap Metal Collection Drive of 1941
Nicholas Evan Sarantakes

Homeless on the Home Front: Spaces of Emplacement and Displacement during World War II
Anthony J. Irizarry

Brian Taylor, Fighting for Citizenship: Black Northerners and the Debate over Military Service in the Civil War
Daniel W. Aldridge III

Aaron Hiltner, Taking Leave, Taking Liberties: American Troops on the World War II Home Front
Nancy Gentile Ford

Mark Philip Bradley and Mary Dudziak, eds., Making the Forever War: Marilyn B. Young on the Culture and Politics of American Militarism
David Kieran

John Beck, Landscape as Weapon: Cultures of Exhaustion and Refusal
Wallis Miller

Wendy Z. Goldman and Donald Filtzer, Fortress Dark and Stern: The Soviet Home Front during World War II
Kenneth Slepyan

Kevin Willmott, dir., The 24th
Mark Whalan