Anthropological Linguistics 63:4

Anthropological Linguistics 63:4

Edited by Anthony K. Webster

Table Of Contents

Volume 63, Number 4, Winter 2021 (Published 2023)


Special Issue: Reflections on Joel Sherzer (1942—2022)

Reflections on Joel Sherzer (1942—2022): A “Circumstantial” Special Issue
Anthony K. Webster

Moments among the Kuna: An Autobiographical Account
Joel Sherzer†

From the Tropical Forest to Caribbean Islands to Cities and Beyond: Migration, Displacement, and Travel of the Kuna
Dina Sherzer and Joel Sherzer† 

The Impact of Joel Sherzer’s Work among the Guna
Wikaliler Daniel Smith

A Conversation with Joel Sherzer
Anthony C. Woodbury

On Multiplying Echoes: Further Soundings on a Navajo Poem by Rex Lee Jim
Anthony K. Webster

Emerging Vitality in “Endangered” Forms of Verbal Art in Naso
Tulio Bermudez Mejia

Multilingual Networks Past and Present: Insights from Naduhup Languages of Northwest Amazonia
Patience Epps and Karolin Obert