North Dakota Quarterly 90:3-4

North Dakota Quarterly 90:3-4

Edited by William Caraher

Table Of Contents

Volume 90, Numbers 3-4 (Fall-Winter 2023)


About the Artist 

Editor’s Note 

Little Fingers
Molly Weisgrau 

That Type of Girl
Evelyn Maguire 

Straight to the Heart
Christine Kwon 

How to Write Good or The Bad Story Ever
Max Blue 

The Rock
Adam Szetela 

Danica Vukićević / translation by John Cox 

The Good Red Road of Charging Bear
Clifford Canku and John Peacock 

All You Need
Explain What a Capybara Is
Tina Gross 

Talking with the Dead
Meredith Merritt 

Plateau, Two Rearviews
Lisa Coffman 

Ah, It Was a Great Ride
Dennis Herrell 

Ghazal for Tinfoil Dinners
Spell for the Dead Bird We Turned into Taxidermy
Rachel Layton 

Mother’s Voice
Jonathan Chibuike Ukah 

Brenton Booth 

Kenneth Pobo 

David Romanda 

Company of Strangers
Meeting with the Red Lobster Birthday Club after Covid
Gaby Bedetti 

In my creek
Anne Freier 

Her Toast Untouched
Thomas Elson 

As He Loved Life
Adele Gardner 

Working Out the Kinks
Carol Hamilton 

In a Low Mood
John S. Eustis 

The Fifth Season
Terry Savoie 

A Tale of Two Cemeteries: The Old
Bette Nelson 

Tiny Garden
Christmas in Purgatory
Nicholas Kriefall 

Deathbed Insomnia
Tamarack Cameo
Rich Heller 

Writing My Obit
Like Peas, Like Whales
Yvette Viets Flaten 

How to Survive the Apocalypse
Back to School
Lori D'Angelo 

On Passing
Tanque R. Jones 

Mick and Keef
Tony McAndrew 

the light scratches and waits
girl at the small funeral
Livio Farallo 

Your Bones Shall Not Be the Caller of My Prayers
Alise Palmer 

Peace Ufedojo Haruna 

Shirin M. Zadeth

Everything We Love Disappears
Lisa C. Taylor 

In the train
Ivan de Monbrison 

Amarillo City Transit
Bud Sturguess 

My Father’s Final Poem
Jason Visconti 

Aubade: A Murder of Crows
Frederick Wilbur 

Powder Blue Cadillac
The Rescue
Feeding Horses
David Salner 

A galaxy of entropies
Roseline Mgbodichinma 

As If
Margot Block 

This Simple Night: A Rondeau
Caleb Delos-Santos

After the Vet’s Diagnosis
When I Move from This House
Laura Sweeney 

Judy Lorenzen 

Once neighbors
There was a rainbow here earlier
Michael Scott Burau 

After the second date
David Woodward 

End of Semester
Heidi Naylor 

Zoo Mom
Target Mom
Easy Mac Mom
Meg Thompson 

All I know about an enlarged heart is how to carry it
Chisom Okafor 

Andrea Moorhead 

E. A. Gregor 

Russel Swensen 

As His Daughter proceeds
The work continues
Carolyn Arcabascio 

Night Works from the Valley
Tricia Knoll 

9 a.m. on a Friday
Beck Natale 

Something Fishy
Autumn Rain
Leslie Schultz 

A Mudskipper’s Love Song
Sher Ting 

Last Letter Home
Ja Sauvageau 

Jumping into thin air to save my self-importance
An Grace 

Natalie Callum 

You Are the Second Person
You Know This Too
Jessie Raymundo 

prelude to canaan surging with patriotic ghosts
one late noon in Palestine
Sodïq Oyèkànmí 

Idyllwild during Supply Chain Crisis
Love It or Leave It: Stamp Acts 257 Years Later to
Protect Democracies?
Outside Dollar Store Shame on Us
Gerard Sarnat 

Wealth is War!
3 Verdicts
John Poff 

Two Nights Under Rough Wool
John Schneider 

Redemption Moon
Sadeedeh Zare Yazdi / translation: Ali Asadollahi 

Wounded hourse
Shanin Shirzadi / translation: Ali Asadollahi 

Dream feed
Max Henderson 

What I Learned from Teaching High School
for a Day
Laine Derr 

Robert Pfeiffer 

Being Alive
To Keep Unfolding
Love is a Good Thing
Charlene Langfur 

you can always taste to see if something’s bleeding
Beech Rubble 

Gasoline Alley Days
I Forgot to Remember to Forget
Barry Curtis 

A Kitchen
Danae Wright 

Cliff Notes for Cats
Julie Marie Wade 

Miranda Wyatt 

I Hate My Bladder
Ahrend Torrey 

If I Wrote Poems Like I Grocery Shop
John Grey 

It’s Come To This
Joan Mazza 

In Nueva York
Simon Anton Niño Diego Baena 

Andrew Vogel 

Paula Drive Notebook
Scott McDaniel 

Effing up the Ineffable
Luke Hankins 

Susana H. Case 

La Cometa Amarilla
A Sensation of Infinity
Geometry or Physics or Maybe Both or Maybe Neither
Patrick Holian 

Liar Acrostic
Marjorie Power 

spoke too soon
Mary E. Croy 

Stunned Surprise
Alan Atlany 

Samuel Amadon 

A Branch in Her Hands
Lenny DellaRocca 

Wanting to Call this Poem Clerestory, I Settle on
Collateral Damage
Late April
Erin Wilson 

On the Carousel
Ray Greenblatt 

Nesting in Blue Gardens
Sunbeams in St. Peter’s Basilica
Aubrey Roemmich 

Peace is a Process
D. A. Hickman 

Lost Pond
Phil Huffy 

Sweet Potatoes
Patrice Boyer Claeys 

Dimmit County Soil Management
There Were Different Sirens
Henry Cherry 

Eulogy for Miley
Hendersonville, NC
Danny Barbare 

The World’s Turned Upside Down
Grandma’s Secret
Allene Nichols 

White Stones
Jeanine Stevens 

Indiana Summer
fireflies for the first time
my father’s toothache
Nikki Ummel 

Birds I Have Known
Alexis Ivy 

Frosty Morning
Matthew Brennan 

Wheat Stubble
Ben Schwartz 

Sunrise at the Shore in South Caroline
Michael Fulop 

After a long winter
Lucie McKee 

More Than Four
Jim Muyres 

fugitive: no address
fugitive: stings
fugitive: snapshots of rabbits
Lisa Roullard 

The Cruelest Month
Worse Than Nothing
Carson Pytell 

From the East It Lows
Devon Brock 

The Pest
Becky Parker 

Three Untitled Poems
Jerome Berglund

Poems in Tsotsil and Spanish by Enriqueta Lunez
Enriqueta Lunez / translations by Jacklyn Kahafer-Burke, Thomas Lawrence, Amanda Miles, Bailey Spaulding, and Karly Walker

Above a Now Dragged Away
To Scale
Nathan Whiting