Frontiers 45:1

Frontiers 45:1

Edited by Wanda S. Pillow, Debjani Chakravarty, and Darius Bost
Guest editors Diane Wong and Rachel Kuo

Table Of Contents

Volume 45, No. 1, 2024
Special Issue Part 2: Asian American Abolition Feminisms

Editors’ Note
Kimberly Jew

Guest Editors’ Introduction
Rachel Kuo and Diane Wong 

Sculpted Memories: Apolinario Mabini’s Memorialization and Chamorro–Filipino Relations in Guam
Josephine Faith Ong
Under Attack from the State and in Our Homes: Materialist Interventions and Lessons in Abolition Feminisms from Desis Rising Up and Moving
Vignesh Ramachandran, Jensine Raihan, and Akash Singh 

Private Practices, Promiscuous Archives
Delaney Chieyen Holton 

Combating the Slow Economic Violence of Rescue
Elena Shih 

Muslim Theologies and the Struggle for Abolition
Maryam Kashani 

Napalm’s University: Abolitionist Visions from the Anti-War Movement
Keva X. Bui

From the Movement Archives
Khmer Girls in Action 

We Want Cop-Free Communities: Against the Creation of an Asian Hate Crime Task Force by the NYPD
Asian American Feminist Collective

Envisioning Abolition in Our Local Asian American Communities
Linda Luu, Anna Ozbek, and Mon Mohapatra 

Movement Love Letters
18 Million Rising 

Sick of It! A Zine and Pen Pal Project
Sick of It! 

Introduction to “The Cost of Caring: The Social Reproductive
Labor of Filipina Live-in
Home Health Caregivers”
Charlene Tung 128
Cover Artist Statement
Demilitarization, Abolition, Liberation All at Once
Emma Li