Middle West Review 10:2

Middle West Review 10:2

Edited by Jon K. Lauck
Christopher R. Laingen and Patrick Garry, Associate Editors

Table Of Contents

Volume 10, Number 2, Spring 2024


Introduction: Finding the Boundaries of the American Midwest
Jon K. Lauck

A Special Symposium on the Tenth Anniversary of Middle West Review
The Roots of Midwestern Order
Dedra McDonald Birzer

“History Happens Here”: The Midwest and Its State and Regional History
Jeff Bremer

“A profitable investment for every one”: The Present and Future of Black Midwestern Historical Scholarship
David Brodnax, Sr. 

Modernizing the Old Midwest
Jon Butler 

Race-Based Slavery and People of African Descent on the Midwestern Frontier
Christy Clark-Pujara

The State of Midwestern History: The View from Ohio
Donna M. Deblasio 

From Pioneers to Settler Colonists: The Frontier in Midwestern History
Nicole Etcheson 

Indians and Empires in the Early Midwest
John Faragher 

“A Ghost Among Regions”: Considering a Spectral History of the Midwest
Amy Laurel Fluker 

Teaching the Midwest in an Era of Precarity
Anna Thompson Hajdik 

One Hundred Years of Secularization and Pluralization in the Midwest
Daniel G. Hummel 

Midwest History: Will the Past Be Prologue?
Theodore j. karamanski 

Indigenous Agency and Resilience in the Midwest: Reclaiming the Narrative
Doug Kiel 

Not a Revival. A Convention.
Andrew Klumpp 

Upper Midwestern Music, Maps, and Memory: Mainstream Absence, Grassroots Emergence
James P. Leary 

Regionalism in a Global Age
Timothy R. Mahoney 

The Humanities Model is in Trouble—Let’s Rethink It
Patricia Oman 

Recent Scholarship on Midwestern Contributions to Popular Music: Trends and Opportunities
Barton Price 

The Future of Midwestern History: A Gloomy View from the Middle Land
Pamela Riney-Kehrberg

Race, Freedom, and Belonging in a Relational Midwest
Jennifer Kirsten Stinson 

Everybody Took Part: A Regional Vision of Populism’s Participatory Culture Within Lake Nineteenth-Century Midwestern Reform
Ann Vlock 

The Prairie’s Ever-present Heartaches: EcoGothic and the Great Plains
Adam Nemmers 

Filling the Unforgiving Minute with Sixty Seconds’ Worth of Effort: Barbara Fassbinder, Nursing, and AIDS in the US, 1986-91
Karissa A. Haugeberg 

Book Reviews
Cynthia Culver Prescott, Pioneer Mother Monuments: Constructing Cultural Memory
Andrea G. Radke Moss 

Sarah Vogel, The Farmer’s Lawyer: The North Dakota Nine and the Fight to Save the Family Farm
cory Haala 

Taylor Brorby, Boys and Oil: Growing Up Gay in a Fractured Land
Clare Forstie 

Christopher Evans, Do Everything: The Biography of Frances Willard
William Kostlevy 

Samuel Freedman, Into the Bright Sunlight: Young Hubert Humphrey and the Fight for Civil Rights
Zachary Clary 

Laura Meckler, Dream Town: Shaker Heights and the Quest for Racial Equality
Mark Friedberger 

Steven Cohen, The Lies of the Land: Seeing Rural America for What It Is—and Isn’t
R. Douglas Hurt 

Mark Walczynski, Jolliet and Marquette: A New History of the 1673 Expedition
Patrick J. Jung 

Mark Borthwick, A Brave and Lovely Woman: Mamah Borthwick and Frank Lloyd Wright
Geoffrey Jokke 

Sue Leaf, Impermanence: Life and Loss on Superior’s South Shore
Anthony Bukowski 

Tim O’Brien, America Fantastica
Patrick Hicks 

Media Reviews
Returning to God’s Country (1985): Louis Malle’s Forgotten Encounter with the Midwest
Jodie Childers 

Fishes Out of Water: Aliens in America (CW, 2007-2008) and the Depiction of Islam in the Midwest
Mehdi Achouche

A Midwestern Story Teller of the Inland Seas: A Tribute to Walter Havighurst
Jacqueline Johnson and John Kropf 

Union Victory: The Midwest’s Decisive Role in the Civil War
Jack Dempsey 

The Rise and Fall of The Clevelander: The Voice of Northeast
Ohio’s Optimism
Vince Guerrieri 

Whistling in the Dark: Garrison Keillor’s Emersonian Good Cheer
Meghan O’Gieblyn 

The Midwestern Tradition at Bay: Richard Weaver’s The Southern Tradition at Bay
Miles Smith IV 

An Economics Nobel Rooted in the Middle West
Louis D. Johnston 

An Interview with Patrick Nelson Limerick
Jon. K. Lauck