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Great Plains Research publishes original research and scholarly reviews of important advances in the natural and social sciences with relevance to and special emphases on environmental, economic and social issues in the Great Plains. It includes reviews of books and reports on symposia and conferences that included sessions on topics pertaining to the Great Plains. The overall goals are to develop GPR as a centralized outlet for science of regional importance, to communicate important scientific findings to as wide an educated audience as possible, and to help keep scientists, interested citizens, and leaders of this region up to date on scientific progress relevant to the Great Plains.

Great Plains Research is published for the Center for Great Plains Studies at the University of Nebraska.

Table Of Contents

Volume 29, Number 2 (Fall 2019)


Stubbendieck Great Plains Distinguished Book Prize Winner: No Place Like Home: Lessons in Activism from LGBT Kansas by C. J. Janovy
Christina E. Dando, Book Prize Committee Chair

Invited Essay: Field Notes: Exploring the STEM-Humanities History of Nebraska’s Agriculture
David D. Vail

Invited Essay: Ecology, Culture, and Spirituality in the Nebraska Sandhills
John O’Keefe, James L. Leighter, and Mary Ann Vinton

Immigration, Threat, and Trust in Government in Changing Rural Communities
Brian R. Hanson, Thomas A. Ringenberg, and Juan L. Urbano

Campus-Based Ecotourism: A Case Study on the Power of Local Ecotourism
Regina E. Robbins, Travis R. Robbins, and Mark Frailey

Appeal for a Comprehensive Assessment of the Potential Ecological Impacts of the Proposed Platte-Republican Diversion Project
Andrew J. Caven, Emma M. Brinley Buckley, Joshua D. Wiese, Bill Taddicken, Brice Krohn, Timothy J. Smith, and Andrew Pierson

Revealing “Salt City’s” Geological and Mining Heritage at Strataca
Catherine L. Ronck and William R. Price

Solving a Periglacial Puzzle: Pleistocene Polygonal Ground in North-Central Nebraska
R. M. Joeckel, P. R. Hanson, and L. M. Howard 

Book Reviews
Christopher Walmsley and Terrance Kading, eds. Small Cities, Big Issues: Reconceiving Community in a Neoliberal Era
Mervyn Horgan

Brian James Leech. The City That Ate Itself: Butte, Montana and Its Expanding Berkeley Pit
Frank Van Nuys

Melinda Harm Benson and Robin Kundis Craig. The End of Sustainability: Resilience and the Future of Environmental Governance in the Anthropocene
Margot Hurlbert

Raymond J. Orr. Reservation Politics: Historical Trauma, Economic Development, and Intratribal Conflict
Keith Richotte Jr.

Ian Urquhart. Costly Fix: Power, Politics, and Nature in the Tar Sands
Kyle Conway

J. F. Conway. The Prairie Populist: George Hara Williams and the Untold Story of the CCF
Brian Gribben

Judith C. Kulig. Caring for the Low German Mennonites: How Religious Beliefs and Practices Influence Health Care
Joseph B. Martin

Donald K. Grayson. Sex and Death on the Western Emigrant Trail: The Biology of Three American Tragedies
Jane E. Buikstra

Stephen Brooks and Andrea Olive, eds. Transboundary Environmental Governance across the World’s Largest Border
Paul Todhunter

Michael Smith and Clint King. Herping Texas: The Quest for Reptiles and Amphibians
J. Whitfield Gibbons

David R. Montgomery. Growing a Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life
Rebecca Young

Hilary Parsons Dick. Words of Passage: National Longing and the Imagined Lives of Mexican Migrants
Alyshia Gálvez

News and Notes

Submissions & Book Reviews

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Editorial Board

Peter J. Longo
Professor, Department of Political Science
University of Nebraska at Kearney

Book Review Essay Editor
George E. Wolf
Associate Professor Emeritus, English
University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Book Review Editor
Rebecca Buller
Assistant Professor of Practice, Geography
University of Nebraska– Lincoln

Editorial Assistant
Melissa A. Amateis

Editorial Board
Charles J. Bicak
Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs
University of Nebraska at Kearney

Richard Edwards
Director, Center for Great Plains Studies
University of Nebraska—Lincoln

William E. Farr, 
Professor Emeritus, Department of History, and Senior Fellow, Center for the Rocky Mountain West
University of Montana

Susan Fritz
Executive Vice President and Provost and the Dean of Graduate College
University of Nebraska

B. Byron Price
Charles Marion Russell Memorial Chair in Art History
University of Oklahoma

Richard P. Reading
Adjunct Professor of Biology
University of Denver

Eleanor G. Rogan
Professor and Chair, Department of Environmental Agricultural and Occupational Health
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Jessica A. Shoemaker
Assistant Professor of Law
University of Nebraska College of Law

Elizabeth Theiss-Morse
Interim Dean, Professor of Political Science, College of Arts and Sciences
University of Nebraska — Lincoln

Ethel Williams
Director of the School of Public Administration
University of Nebraska at Omaha


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Our Syllabus Builder resource sheets are intended to assist instructors looking for supplemental materials and students seeking ideas for research papers by providing links to a variety of peer-reviewed articles online.

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