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Edited by David Lazar
Managing and Associate Editor, Jenn Tatum

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Launched in 2002, Hotel Amerika is already firmly established as an exciting venue for both well-known and emerging authors. Publishing unique and provocative writing in all its forms, it’s not uncommon to find traditional work alongside the experimental. Material with quirky, unconventional edges—either in form or content—are often favored by the editors. Hotel Amerika is an eclectic journal that attracts an equally eclectic audience.

Table Of Contents

Volume 18 (2020)

Karen Bell
Queer Abroad in Kerala

Samantha Ruckman & Steve Fellner
On Looking: A Collaborative Essay

Joshua Jones & Andrew Koch
Parable of the Sowers

Baron Wormser
The Happy Nation

Jennifer Sinor

Jeffrey Hammond
The Things We Love: Downsizing and Its Discontents

Will Stockton
A Week of Recreation

Sara Biggs Chaney & Michael Chaney
Caution: Uneven Road

Doug Dibbern
Into the Gulf of the Image

Rebecca Bernard
Memory Hound

Don Bogen
Home Businesses

Alyssa C. Greene
Standard Deviations

Megan Harlan
Likelers: On Suburbs and Dreamscapes

Joan Connor

Adele Hoffman
It Is So Beautiful

Carl Schiffman
The Ghost of a Suicide

Laura Bernstein-Machlay
Church of Holy Pharmaceuticals 

Ashley Shelby
Case Study: Violent Biophilia in Solastagia Patients

Grant Faulkner
Notes from One Still Living

E. Shaskan Bumas
The Qwertys

Trudy Lewis
Reverse Engineer

Lucas Church

Christopher Linforth

Elizabeth Savage

Orlando Ricardo Menes
The Transverberation of St. Teresa of Ávila

G.C. Waldrep
On the Burning of Thorns

Alice Friman
The Cardiologist’s Procedure

Tom Paine
The Bridge 
Black Bags 
You To Me Now 

Mary Gilliland
Turning In To The Windswept Garden

Charles Harper Webb
Is it True that Hitler Loved Disney Cartoons?

Alexis Orgera
Sleuthing Over the Grand Canyon 

Alixandra Shuger
Blueprint, 1996-2018 (fragments) 
record, n.1 and adj. (i.e., a body made up of particles)

Paul Jolly
She fabricated the carnival mafia thing

Sarah Maclay
A Mirror of Leaves

Jill Gonet
Inside the Sun

James Ellenberger
The Snake Man

Holaday Mason
From the Mountains to The Prairies to The Oceans White With Foam
The Screen Porch 

David Moolten

Scott Davidson
And Another Thing 

Anna Black
The Spiteful Nature of Time

Dave Brennan
Americans Who Wake Confused 
Deep-brain Johnny Cash

Shelley Puhak
Concerning the L— Peoples

Taylor Supplee

Daniel Moysaenko
Poem for the Century

Bruce Beasley
Bodies Find No Resistance from the Omnipresence of God

Erica Lee Braverman
The Man Behind the Camera

Bruce Cohen
The Fixable World 
An Unelected God

Brandi George

Katherine Soniat
The Interstate Chimera 
The Sea

Eric Pankey
Thinking About the Afterlife 
Winter Meditation

Robert Thomas
Sonnet with Post-its and Johnny Depp
Sonnet with Blizzard and Glass Lizard
Sonnet with Storm Drain and Thyme

Richard Martin
Trash Message 
Minus 5

John Bradley
How to Handle a Sleepwalker 
How to (Batteries and SD Memory Card Not Included) Pratfall
How to Handle a Knocked-Out Tooth

John Randolph Carter
Something to Think About
This Ship Has Sailed

David Koehn
Delta 20: Crossing the Bridge to Tassajara Trail
Delta 18: the Empty Parking Garage Stopped By and Denied Any Wrongdoing

Jaycee Billington

John Sibley Williams
Coat of Bees 
Uncanny Valley

Ira Sukrungruang
I Like Me 

Rebecca Lilly
When to Spook 

Pui Ying Wong
With Them 

Prose Poetry
Orlando Ricardo Menes
St. Teresa of Ávila Upon Reading the Song of Songs
Caliban to the Sea Nymph Ananai
St. Lucy, Patroness of Those Troubled by Their Eyes

William Doreski
Living at the Junkyard

Jose Hernandez Diaz
The Flame 
The Ventriloquist

Jim Daniels
On the Giving and Taking Hostage of Solitude
Hush Money

Brian Clifton
Desire Under The Cathodes 

Brian Patrick Heston

Margaret Barbour Gilbert
from Sugaring Off 

Michael Mark
Dad, Leave Mom 

Cheryl Whitehead
Liberty City Epistle

Nance Van Winckel
from The Mystic Places 

Michael McKeown Bondhus
Teenage Stock 
xo Pterodactyl 
Fish Scales 
Sophomore Semi 
Ungod and Industrialization 

Contributors' Notes 

Submissions & Book Reviews

Instructions for submitting work for publication consideration are available from the editorial website.

Editorial Board

David Lazar

Associate and Managing Editor 
Jennifer Tatum

Assistant Editors
Sophie Amado
Jeffrey Barbieri
Colleen O'Connor
Scott Wilson

Isabella Bagshaw
Sara Hendery
Rebecca Khera
Micah McCrary


Submission Period Update
Submissions to Hotel Amerika are closed until September 1. The submission period runs from September 1 to April 1. Submissions received outside this period are not read.

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Hotel Amerika
is a 501c3 with a volunteer staff, and requests your patronage to continue publishing the kinds of outstanding work for which it is known — an eclectic international magazine supporting writing in all its provocative and transgeneric forms. Donations are accepted on the magazine's website.  

Essay Selected
Congratulations to Paul Crenshaw. His essay, "Cadence", published in Hotel Amerika Volume 15 (2017), was selected for inclusion in The Best American Essays 2018.

Featured Articles

The following works from the 2016 issue (Volume 14) are available as free samples on the Hotel Amerika website:
Essays by
Lina Ferreira Cabeza Vanegas
Patricia Vigderman

Fiction by
Daryl Farmer
Anthony Wallace
Phyllis Rudin

Poetry by
Alice B. Fogel
Barbara Tomash
Rachel Hadas
William Kelley Woolfitt
Brianna Noll

Prose Poetry by
Jennifer Militello
Chris Haven
Rick Bursky

Transgenre by 
Elizabeth Bryer
Lisa Samuels
Dana Curtis

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