INTERTEXTS: A Journal of Comparative and Theoretical Reflection

INTERTEXTS: A Journal of Comparative and Theoretical Reflection

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INTERTEXTS publishes articles that employ innovative approaches to explore relations between literary and other texts, be they literary, historical, theoretical, philosophical, or social. Hybrid methodologies combining elements from a range of disciplines are encouraged and methodological reflections and argumentation are valued, especially when combined with detailed textual analysis. The journal is particularly interested in the use of theoretical perspectives to analyze texts other than those to which they are generally applied, hoping to provide not only new understandings of familiar texts but also to use those texts to examine the virtues and limitations of contemporary literary theory.

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Vol. 27, No. 2 (Fall 2023)
Special Issue: Comparative Critical Perspectives on the Anthropocene

Comparative Critical Perspectives on the Anthropocene: A Special Issue of Intertexts
Edited by Adeline Johns-Putra and Xianmin Shen

Comparative Critical Perspectives on the Anthropocene: An Introduction 
Adeline Johns-Putra and Xianmin Shen

Generational Timescapes and Biotic Kinship in Omar El Akkad’s American War 
Michael Boyden

Tracing the Anthropocene and Entangled Trauma in Yashar Kemal’s Novels: More-Than-Human Lives in the Post-Ottoman
Deniz Gündoğan Ibrişim

Dogs and Monsters: Observations on the Evacuation of Afghanistan and the Intersection of Human Rights and the Anthropocene 
K. M. Ferebee

Extractivist Ontologies: Lithium Mining and Anthropocene Imaginaries in Chile’s Atacama Desert 
Mauricio F. Collao Quevedo

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Jacob Blevins, Sam Houston State University

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David H. J. Larmour, Texas Tech University

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Laura J. Beard, University of Alberta

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Catherine Belsey, University of Wales, Swansea

Bruce Clarke, Texas Tech University

Michael Demson, Sam Houston State University

Carole Edwards, Texas Tech University

Rémi Fontanel, University of Lyon 2

Jeanne Garane, University of South Carolina

Brooke Holmes, Princeton University

David Konstan, Brown University

Brian O’Keeffe, Barnard College

Diana Spencer, University of Birmingham


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