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Now published by the University of Nebraska Press.

The Journal of Magazine Media is devoted to advancing research, knowledge, and understanding of magazines and new media and the pedagogy related to those areas. The journal publishes research reports and interpretive articles refereed by members of the editorial board as well as other experts. The journal also prints opinion pieces, essays, and critical reviews of books and teaching materials that deal with magazines and new media.

Founded in 1999, the journal is international and peer-reviewed. It is the official journal of the Magazine Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication and division members receive subscriptions as a benefit of membership.

Table Of Contents

Volume 20, Numbers 1–2 (Fall–Spring 2019–2020)

Letter from the Editor
Kevin M. Lerner

Change of Diet: Recipes Seasoned with Social History
Lyn Barnes

Lessons from the Past: What Four Iconic British Titles Can Teach the Magazine Industry
Mary Hogarth

Featured Research
One of Us: Margaret Thatcher, Women’s Magazines, and the Art of Wooing Women Voters
Sharon Maxwell Magnus

The Transition Translations: How Marginality, Vagueness, and Egalitarianism Allowed an Australian Architectural Periodical to Become a Shared Object and Cross Disciplinary Boundaries
Mark Sawyer

Photographic Magazines and Photo Magazines: Art Photography in British Magazines of the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s
David W. Brittain

The Daily “Periodical”: How Traditional and Emerging Magazine Media Appeal to Snapchat Users
Stephanie Williams-Turkowski and Miglena Sternadori

Slam Dunk: How a Sports Magazine Used Its Cover to Reach a Target Audience and Create Loyal Readers
Kevin Hull, Joon K. Kim, Dan Haun, and Matt Stilwell

Magazines as Varied Texts
Miglena Sternadori

Great Book, but to What Purpose?
Scott Fosdick

Measuring Up American Journalism
Miglena Sternadori

Successful Feature Writing and the Diligence It Takes to Get There
Kathleen Norton McNulty

The Echoes of 1950s Celebrity Melodrama Carry On Today
Stephanie Williams-Turkowski

Submissions & Book Reviews

The Journal of Magazine Media is interested in articles that explore the fields of magazines and magazine media, including but not limited to research related to magazine and digital media production; publishers, editors, and other producers of magazines; writers; visual design and photography; content, including journalism and storytelling associated with the magazine form; advertising; audiences; history; socio-cultural influence; and effects. A wide variety of theoretical approaches and methodologies are welcome. Contributions should add new knowledge, challenge current opinion, or inform the readership about scholarship and research that would not otherwise be known by communication specialists. The journal takes a broad view of what constitutes magazine media. Manuscripts exploring elements of magazines in non-print media, including digital and broadcast, are both welcomed and encouraged.

Articles below approximately 8,000 words (including references) are preferred. Please include a 100-word abstract.

Essays and Reports
We welcome submissions of non-refereed articles for our Essays and Reports section. These may include reports on conferences or special events, opinion pieces, or essays that address magazines or magazine media. Reports and white papers on the magazine industry are also welcomed. If in doubt about the suitability of a piece, send a query letter to the editor.

If you are interested in reviewing a book, movie, or other media relevant to the journal's audience, contact the book review editor. We welcome queries from reviewers who have a particular review in mind as well as general requests to join our pool of potential reviewers. If you would like to suggest a book or other media for review, you should also contact the book review editor.

All material submitted for publication must conform to the style and documentation requirements specified in the most recent edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. Please use end notes instead of footnotes.

Illustrative Material
Authors need not provide illustrative materials when submitting the manuscript, save for tables, but the cover letter should indicate the availability of such materials. Authors are responsible for securing copyright approval of all illustrative materials. Keep tables and figures to a minimum. Do not include a table or figure if the same information can be summarized in a few sentences. Tables should be submitted in the .docx file with the rest of the article, and constructed using Word’s native table tools. Images should be saved separately in .tif or .jpg format, and should be no less than 300 dpi with the smallest dimension measuring at least four inches or 1,200 pixels.

Manuscripts should be submitted to the editor via e-mail at  With your submission please include (1) cover letter, (2) separate file with the title page, and (3) abstract and keywords. Note that manuscripts under review for publication in other titles will not be considered for inclusion in the Journal of Magazine Media.

Visit the journal's page on the AEJMC Magazine Media Division's website.

Editorial Board


Kevin M. Lerner, Marist College

Associate Editors

Leander Reeves, Oxford Brookes University

Alexandra Shakespeare, Oxford Brookes University

Book Review Editor

Miglena Sternadori, Texas Tech University

Editorial Assistant

Kristen Conti, Marist College

Editorial Board

David Abrahamson, Northwestern University

Dunja Antonovic, Bradley University

Joe Bernt, Ohio University, Emeritus

Bob Britten, West Virginia University

Carrie Brown, City University of New York

Naeemah Clark, Elon University

Petya Eckler, University of Strathclyde

Betsy Edgerton, Columbia College

Carol Fletcher, Hofstra University

Scott Fosdick, San Jose State University

Ellen Gerl, Ohio University

Vanessa Gregory, University of Mississippi

Donna Harrington-Lueker, Salve Regina University

Elizabeth Hendrickson, Ohio University

Berkley Hudson, University of Missouri

Parul Jain, Ohio University

Cathy Johnson, Angelo State University

Jessie M. Quintero Johnson, University of Massachusetts–Boston

Sammye Johnson, Trinity University, Emeritus

Carolyn Kitch, Temple University

Yanick Lamb, Howard University

Carolyn Lepre, Radford University

Glenn Leshner, University of Oklahoma

Jacqueline Marino, Kent State University

Teresa Mastin, Northwestern University

Rachel Davis Mersey, Northwestern University

Peter Pugsley, University of Adelaide

Quint Randle, Brigham Young University

Sue Robinson, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Amber Roessner, University of Tennessee–Knoxville

Cindy Royal, Texas State University–San Marcos

Carol Schwalbe, University of Arizona

Ted Spiker, University of Florida

Robert Stepno, Radford University, Retired

Miglena Sternadori, University of South Dakota

David Sumner, Ball State University, Emeritus

Sheila Webb, Western Washington University

Charles Whitaker, Northwestern University

Erin Whiteside, University of Tennessee–Knoxville


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Sponsoring Society

The Journal of Magazine Media is the official journal of the Magazine Media Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. Division members receive access to the electronic version of the journal as a benefit of membership.

The Magazine Media division is a dynamic group of journalism educators and scholars who teach courses on the production and business of magazines—broadly re-defined to include many new forms in the current digital world—and study their cultural roles and effects on society and audiences. The division’s members are professors and students at higher-learning institutions who share a continued interest and/or professional experience in magazine writing, editing, design, and management, along with a passion for longform and lifestyle journalism. The division publishes Magazine Matter, a biannual newsletter, and the peer-reviewed Journal of Magazine Media

More information about the division and how to join can be found at


Syllabus Builder: Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

Our Syllabus Builder resource sheets are intended to assist instructors looking for supplemental materials and students seeking ideas for research papers by providing links to a variety of peer-reviewed articles online.

Syllabus Builder: Social Media

Our Syllabus Builder resource sheets are intended to assist instructors looking for supplemental materials and students seeking ideas for research papers by providing links to a variety of peer-reviewed articles online.

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Our Syllabus Builder resource sheets are intended to assist instructors looking for supplemental materials and students seeking ideas for research papers by providing links to a variety of peer-reviewed articles online.

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