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North Dakota Quarterly is a literary and public humanities journal with roots extending back to the early days of the University of North Dakota. With an international roster of contributors, each issue is a rich mixture of articles, essays, fictions, and poetry. NDQ stands as one of the region’s most widely admired ambassadors and as a persistent landmark in the global literary landscape.

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Table Of Contents

Volume 90, Numbers 1-2 (Spring-Summer 2023)


Editor’s Note  



Stan Hollingworth       

The Cure for Smallpox

Florence MacDonald    


Simon Howells 

Lying Down

James Sallis     

The End

David F. Young 


For Everyday Life

Ndaba Sibanda 

West Coast Weather

Grace Kearney 

Between Us and Them

Aqeel Ahmad  

Terrible People

Thomas Heise 

Previous History

Lea Page          

The Reporter

Steve Slavin     

My Mother and Middlemarch

Ruth Schemmel 


A Review of Textual Rivalries: Jesus, Midrash, and Kabbalah

Sharon Carson  

Review Essay: The Order of Myths and Descendant

Gayatri Devi    


Cakewalk through Kudzu

In the Spirit of Dorothy Dandridge—

The White Negro Girl’s Diary

by Kathy Z. Price  

He Killed the Child He Loved

Landscape with Boy and Gun

Thinking of Odysseus’s Wife, I Learn to Wait

by Helen Marie Casey       

A child’s hand

by Stefan Hertsmans (translated by Arno Bohlmeijer)         

Hello Life

by Phebe Rasch (translated by Arno Bohlmeijer)   

The Turnip Queen

by Ann Leamon    


by Audra Burwell  

In memoriam. James Dickey

by Steven Lebow  

Handing Down

by Jim Tilley         

Third Week of June

Carrying Memory

by Eric Marland    

Cat’s Meow

The Rain

by Richard Weaver 

On Finding a Dead Deer in My Backyard

A Morning’s Walk

by Nolo Segundo  

I pull teeth

The Garden

Circle Ode

Everything Will Be Like This Again

by Lucy Western   

Bird on a Wire


by Dana Curtis      


by Stephen McConnell      

Church, Ostuni


by Miriam O’Neal 

Liberation: Shiv Tattvy

Liberation: Summit

The Goddess Incarnates

Cow Dust Hour


by Nidhi Agrawal  

Homeless Camps along I-240 East

In Decimals

by Holly Cian       

Fossil, OR

by Gerald Wagoner           

Coal Camp

by Elizabeth Pope 

September’s Start

by Kakie Pate        

preface of a riddle

Training Day

REM: A Case Study

by Dorsía Smith Silva        

Memento Mori

by David Melville 

Self-Portrait of the Expatriate in the Time of Anxiety

by Maxwell Tang  

Wounds That Kill, Would Us All

Break, 2020

by Sean William Carrero   

Sonnet full of knowing

by William Joel     

Sunsets Like a God Damn Painting

by Andrew Wittstadt         

Rite of Passage


by David R. Solheim         

Chill Greta, Chill


In Response to My Students Who Still Don’t Understand Irony

Ode to Sadness

by Candice Kelsey 

Red cherries (Italy, 1943)

A taste of heaven


by Laura Zucca-Scott        

Against the Wall


by Neal Zirn          

Past Flight


by Holly Day        

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Editorial Board


William Caraher

Fiction Editor

Gilad Elbom

Poetry Editor

Paul Worley

Assistant Poetry Editor

Kelsey Woodburn

Nonfiction Editor

Sheila Liming

Art Editor

Ryan Stander

Book Review Editor

Sharon Carson


Andrea Herbst

Editorial Board

Eric Burin

David Haeselin

Andrew Harnish

Joseph Kalka

Adam Kitzes

James Mochoruk

Sheryl O’Donnell

Richard Rothaus

Brian Schill

Kate Sweney


NDQ Volume 87, Nos. 1-2 Available as Free PDF and Subscriptions Discounted
(April 23, 2020)
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The College of Arts and Sciences of the University of North Dakota and journal editor William Caraher, associate professor of history at UND, have selected the University of Nebraska Press as the new publishing partner for North Dakota Quarterly. The journal’s editorial home will remain at the University of North Dakota, and Dr. Caraher, along with the journal’s assistant editors and editorial board, will continue to control the journal’s content and direction. The University of Nebraska Press will assume production, marketing, and fulfillment responsibilities beginning in 2019.
Dr. Caraher explained the decision by saying, "For us partnering with University of Nebraska Press makes perfect sense. They allow NDQ to draw upon the marketing, production, and distribution resources of a major university press while allowing us to keep our distinctive identity and traditions intact. We're looking forward to starting this exciting new chapter with UNP and continuing to publish excellent fiction, poetry, and non-fiction for years to come."
 “We’re pleased to be partnering with North Dakota Quarterly. University of Nebraska Press is the largest publisher in the region and, as such, we’re committed to using our expertise to support excellent journals like this,” said Donna Shear, the press’s director.

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