The Undecidable Unconscious

The Undecidable Unconscious

Edited by Alan Bass
Managing editor, Jared Russell.

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Deconstruction—the analysis and transformation of metaphysics—intersects with psychoanalysis. Both are engaged with thinking beyond consciousness. This new journal is a forum for those working at the borders of these two disciplines. Its name, The Undecidable Unconscious, refers to the broadest aspect of psychoanalysis—the theory of unconscious processes—and to Derrida's thinking about undecidability—the irreducible oscillation and chance of non-metaphysical processes. The name, then, speaks of psychoanalysis as deconstruction. It also invites opening to all fields in which undecidability is at stake. Hence the journal seeks contributions from all disciplines informed by deconstruction and psychoanalysis. Its aim is to enrich, to expand, to change: deconstruction, psychoanalysis, and everything that they touch upon.

Table Of Contents

Volume 7 (2020)

Interview with Alan Bass
Jared Russell

Plus d’une loi: Reading Repetition Compulsion and Generalized Fetishism with Deleuze-Guattari and Derrida
Elias Jabre

Derrida after Shakespeare: A Lacanian Reading
Shirley Zisser

Submissions & Book Reviews

TheUndecidable Unconscious accepts scholarly articles, book reviews, and review essays. All submissions are reviewed by the editorial board using blind review. Include your name only on the cover page.The journal follows the author-date style guidelines set forth in the most recent edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. Use endnotes rather than footnotes for all substantive comments and bibliographic information. Underlining or italicization is preferred over boldface emphasis.
Include with your submission a brief biographical statement that provides current academic title or affiliation, recent and forthcoming publications (title, press, and publication date), and any other relevant information. Submissions may be emailed as Word or Google documents to Google documents are the preferred format.

Editorial Board

Alan Bass

Managing Editor
Jared Russell

Technical Editor
Aaron Berman

Editorial Board
Geoffrey Bennington
Simon Critchley
Peggy Kamuf
Gregg Lambert
Donald Moss
Rosaura Martínez Ruiz
James Olthuis
Christopher Peterson
Adam Rosen-Carole
Elizabeth Rottenberg
Jared Russell
Gabriele Schwab
Samuel Weber

Eric Anders


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