Middle West Review Midwestern Survey

Middle West Review, editor Jon Lauck, and Emerson College Polling are making headlines with their recent survey on Midwestern identity. Over 11,000 responses were collected across 22 states, providing some of the most in-depth research on the Midwest collected recently.

Head to Emerson College Polling’s article to learn more about the survey by clicking here.

Download a breakdown by zip code.

View the newest press release from February 9th, 2024.

The Wall Street Journal published an opinion piece about the survey which you can find here. Also published was “It’s Amazing How Many Americans Think They Live in the Midwest When They Don’t” in the Wall Street Journal.

National Public Radio in Kansas City covered the survey and talked to Jon Lauck here.

The Chicago Magazine picked up the story. Their article on it can be found here.

The National Review also picked up the story, which can be read here.

Axios has the deep dive on the data here.

Read from a Midwestern point-of-view in the Kansas City Star here.

Nebraska Public Media wrote a great piece on the study, which can be found here.

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