Statement of Publishing Ethics
Studies in American Indian Literatures

ISSN 0730-3238, eISSN 1548-9590
Published bi-annually
Editor: Kiara M. Vigil, Amherst College
Editorial Board: Available on the Editorial Board tab on the webpage listed above
Journal ownership: Association for the Study of American Indian Literatures

The editor(s) and editorial board of Studies in American Indian Literatures are committed to the following:

  • We foreground Indigenous scholarship: we expect submitted manuscripts to reflect the journal’s commitment to indigenous scholarship; manuscripts should clearly be rooted in indigenous scholarship (methodologies, research practices, and theoretical approaches) as suited to the author’s topic.
  • We strive to ensure that our peer-review processes and editorial decisions are fair and unbiased, and that manuscripts are judged solely on their merits by individuals with appropriate levels of expertise in the subject area.
    • The editors may reject a manuscript at any point in the process if, after an unbiased evaluation, they find the work does not align with the journal’s mission or editorial policies, or if it would be in conflict with the journal’s legal requirements.
  • We treat submitted manuscripts as confidential documents; we do not discuss them or share information about them with anyone outside the editorial staff, editorial board, potential reviewers, or the publisher.
  • We expect transparency from editors and reviewers regarding potential conflicts of interest, including but not limited to: serving as an editor or referent for other work by the author at another journal or press; serving on someone’s dissertation or other degree committee; receiving direct benefit from the author’s work (for example, through centralized citation or other forms of promotion).
  • We expect authors to help us uphold our ethical standards by
    • submitting only original works;
    • acknowledging sources and respecting other scholars’ and Indigenous communities’ intellectual property rights;
    • appropriately crediting all authors, other research participants, and funding sources;
    • refraining from simultaneous submissions to other journals;
    • disclosing any potential conflicts of interest; and
    • notifying the editors and/or publisher of any significant errors discovered after submission or publication.
  • We will promptly investigate any credible allegation of unethical or illegal practices related to an article we have published. When warranted, we will issue corrections, retractions, and/or apologies, working with the author(s) as appropriate to find the best resolution.
  • Considering the importance of timely peer review and editorial decisions on submitted manuscripts to job placement, promotion, and tenure, we make every effort to ensure that authors receive punctual decisions and appropriate updates on the peer-review process.
  • Concerns may be reported to the editor(s) at or publisher at

Studies in American Indian Literatures
ISSN 0730-3238 / eISSN 1548-9590
Published as two double issues per year.
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