What is Kudos, and why should I use it?

The University of Nebraska Press is partnering with the web-based service Kudos to provide our journals’ authors a tool to help maximize exposure of their articles to their peers and the wider academic community. By using Kudos to explain your work and the University of Nebraska Press Kudos Showcase to highlight it, you will make it easier for a broader audience–not just your peers, but also policy makers, educators, and journalists–discover your publications. You can monitor the impact of your activities on citations, downloads, and altmetrics (discussion of your work in the media, social media, and policy documents).

How do I get started?

  1. Register for your free account at www.growkudos.com
    It only takes a few minutes to set up a Kudos account. We automatically send emails to our eligible authors when their articles are available online. In that email you will find an invite link and instructions. You can also connect your ORCID profile if you have one.
  2. Claim your articles and publications
    Once you’ve registered for your free account, just click on Add Publications on your My Profile page to search for the publications you want to promote. You can use Kudos for any publication that has a DOI (Digital Object Identifier), allowing you to collate all of your publications in one place.

    Even easier, when you receive an invitation email from the University of Nebraska Press to promote the recent article you published in one of our journals, click on an included link to claim your article.

What can you do with Kudos?

  • Explain your publication
    A short title and a plain-language summary will allow potential readers to easily understand why they should read the full article. Adding an image to your summary will make it stand out on our Showcase. You can even add links to resources such as images, data, blog posts, and videos that will improve your article’s discoverability and give more context to your work.
  • Share your publication
    You can share a link to your article’s Kudos page on social media, websites, emails, blog posts, and scholarly collaboration networks.
  • Measure your impact
    Kudos allow you to see the impact of your sharing activity on your publication metrics such as Altmetric score and Crossref citations.

We recommend you encourage all your co-authors to create a Kudos account, too, populate it using the information covered here, and then use the site to claim the article as well. Your combined effort of explaining, enriching, and sharing via Kudos will help circulate your work to a wider network of people. You will be able to see the increasing impact of your work by monitoring the publication metrics on the Kudos site.

When can I use Kudos?

Once your article (or book or book chapter) is available online and has a DOI deposited with Crossref, you will be able to search for and claim it in Kudos.