Historical Geography Volume 30 (2002)
Indigenous Peoples: Contested Lands, Contested Identities

Indigenous Peoples: Contested Lands, Contested Identities
Contested Lands, Contested Identities: Revisiting the Historical Geographies of North America’s Indigenous Peoples
Douglas E. Deur

Native Lands and Livelihoods in British Columbia
Cole Harris

State Centrism, the Equal-Footing Doctrine, and the Historical-Legal Geographies of American Indian Treaty Rights
Steven Silvern

Colonialism to Post-Colonialism in Canada’s Western Interior: The Case of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band
Robery Bone

Our City Indians: Negotiating the Meaning of First Nations Urbanization in Canada, 1945-1975
Evelyn J. Peters

Practicing Historical Geography
On Cole Harris
Don Mitchell

Research Articles
Street Names as Memorial Arenas: The Reputational Politics of Commemorating Martin Luther King in a Georgia County
Derek H. Alderman

The Origins of the Acadian Aboiteau: An Environmental Historical Geography
Matthew G. Hatvany

Klanbake: Gender, Etiquette, and White Supremacy in America 1913-1930
(not available)
Jennifer Fluri, Lorraine Dowler

Colonial Translations: Peasants and Parsons in Nineteenth-Century Australia
Joseph M. Powell

Meetings and Conferences
EHGA Conference Review
(not available)
Geoffrey L. Buckley, Timothy G. Anderson

Book Reviews