Resources for educators, researchers, and students

The University of Nebraska Press’s “Syllabus Builder” series offers curated lists of articles from across UNP’s journals on a number of topics. While primarily intended as a resource for educators preparing reading lists, they are also valuable for individuals working on research papers. These topics are currently covered:

  • Climate Change
    • Critical Theory
    • Public Opinion and Response
    • Politics and Globalization
    • Environmental Ethics
    • Climate Change and Education
    • Localized Effects
    • Climate Change in Literature and the Arts
    • Climate Change and the Humanities
  • Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
    • Migration, Colonialism, and War
    • Harm from Tradition and Religion
    • Rape Culture
    • Sexual Violence in Literature and Film
    • Anti-LGBTQ+ Violence
    • Academic and Pop Culture Responses
    • Intimate Partner Violence
    • Surviving and Survivor Narratives
    • Sexual Health
    • Models of Resistance
  • Migration
    • Economics and Labor
    • Globalization
    • Exile, Displacement, and Internment
    • Refugees and Asylum
    • Genocide
    • Religion
    • Gender and Women’s Rights
    • Diaspora Communities
    • Literature and Cultural Narrative
  • Social Media
    • Journalism
    • Communal Narrative
    • Marketing
    • Individual Narrative and Personal Brand
    • Image Rehabilitation
    • Activism
  • Willa Cather
    • Research Articles
    • Related Book Reviews

The Nineteenth-Century French Studies Sourcebook series presents articles from past issues of the journal that are relevant to the upcoming Agrégation de lettres moderns.

Resources for Libraries

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