Why Publish With Us

Selecting UNP’s Journals Division as your journal publisher means choosing to be a part of a team committed to the success of your journal. The key to our approach, which we call Collaborative Journal Management, is that we work with you, not in isolation from you. Your understanding of the journal, its audience, and the field of study it represents are critical to its success. We ask questions, listen to your input, and consult with you before making major decisions regarding the publication of your journal. In short, we strive to keep your vision for the journal in mind as we move through the management process.

Once we understand the unique requirements of your journal, we are able to put together the best team of in-house and freelance talent and external suppliers to produce your journal. Our decisions are guided by a desire to stay true to your vision for the journal and to produce a high quality printed piece and/or online presence that compliments the quality of the work inside. However, we are very mindful of the need to maintain your journal’s financial viability, so we look for the most cost-effective ways to achieve a quality result while at the same time working to increase the revenues generated by your journal.

Successful collaboration requires effective communication. Our management approach involves a frequent exchange of information between all members of the UNP Journals Division and with our editors. We feel it is important that everyone is kept up to date on scheduling issues, that results are shared, and that each person feels free to ask questions and express concerns.

No two journals are exactly alike, so as we work with an editor we are able to put together the custom package of services that best fits that specific journal. The result is a combination that most effectively utilizes the resources the editorial office and UNP have to offer. Among the services we can provide:

  • Copyediting
  • Typesetting
  • Printing and binding
  • Marketing
    • Advertising
    • Direct mail
    • Conference displays
    • Web
    • Catalogs
    • Social media
  • Subscription fulfillment and record keeping
  • Warehousing
  • Back copy sales
  • Copyright registration
  • Subsidiary rights management
  • Electronic access via one of our online partners
  • Advertising sales

More information about our journals publishing program and our other publishing solutions can be found here. Or, to discuss how a relationship with the University of Nebraska Press might benefit your journal, please email Manjit Kaur .

New: Kudos Partnership

The University of Nebraska Press has recently partnered with Kudos to assist authors who publish in our journals to expand their articles’ reach. Learn more here.