Historical Geography Volume 33 (2005)
Emerging Trends in Historical GIS

Emerging Trends in Historical GIS
Emerging Trends in Historical GIS
Anne Kelly Knowles

Using GIS to Investigate Fine-Scale Spatial Patterns in Historical American Indian Agriculture
Wendy Bigler

Historical and Computational Analysis of Long-Term Environmental Change: Forests in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia
James W. Wilson

Demography, Depopulation, and Devastation: Exploring the Geography of the Irish Potato Famine
Paul S. Ell, Ian N. Gregory

GIS and the City: Nineteenth-Century Residential Patterns
Donald A. DeBats, Mark Lethbridge

Corporate Land Tenure in Nineteenth-Century Japan: A GIS Assessment
Philip C. Brown

Boundaries or Networks in Historical GIS: Concepts of Measuring Space and Administrative Geography in Chinese History
Merrick Lex Berman

Reports on National Historical GIS Projects
The U.S. National Historical Geography Information System
Robert McMaster, Pétra Noble

The Great Britain Historical GIS
Ian N. Gregory

A Historical GIS for Ireland
Paul S. Ell

The Belgium Historical GIS
Eric Vanhaute

Towards a Historical Geography Information System for the Netherlands (HGIN)
Luuk Schreven, Onno Boonstra, Peter Doorn

HGIS Germany: An Information System on German States and Territories from 1820 to 1914
Andreas Kunz, Wolfgang Boehler

Historical GIS Initiative in Russia
Irina A. Merzlyakova

China Historical GIS
Peter Bol, Jianxiong Ge

HGIS Project of Korean Culture
Jong-Hyuk Kim

HGIS of Print Culture in Canada
Fiona A. Black, Bertrum H. MacDonald

The Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative
Ruth Mostern

Historical GIS Bibliography
Bibliography of Works in Print on Historical GIS
Anne Kelly Knowles

Historical GIS Biographical Information
Historical GIS Contributors

Practicing Historical Geography
Locating Memory: Tracing the Trajectories of Remembrance
Nuala C. Johnson

Research Articles
Sites of Counter-Memory: The Refusal to Forget and the Nationalist Struggle in Colonial Delhi
Stephan Legg

Whose Sacred Place? Planning Conflict at Cumberland Island National Seashore
Lary Dilsaver

“Objects of the Highest Importance to Spain and the United States”: American Cartographic Challenges to Spanish Imperial Power in North America
Michael Kimaid

Book Reviews