Historical Geography Volume 36 (2008)
Embodied Practices in Historical Geography

Embodied Practices in Historical Geography
On Historical Geographies of Embodied Practice and Performance
Carl J. Griffin, Adrian B. Evans

Tracking Tigers: Recovering the Embodied Practices of Taxidermy
Merle Patchett

Enlivening the Archive: Glimpsing Embodied Consumption Practices in Probate Inventories of Household Possessions
Adrian B. Evans

Beyond the Cartesian Pale: Travels with Samuel Beckett, 1928-1946
Charles Travis

The Practice of the Text: Arts of Conversation, Arts of Writing
Angharad Saunders

Picturing Difference: Writing the Races in the 1896 Berlin Trade Exposition’s Souvenir Album
Jennifer Kopf

Affecting Violence: Language, Gesture and Performance in Early Nineteenth-Century English Popular Protest
Carl J. Griffin

Research Articles
Time and the Ainu: Japanese Nation-Building and the Conceptualization of Difference
Justin P. Jacobson

A Region of Hope, A Region of Despair: Print Media, Geographical Imagination, and the Gogebic Iron Range Mining Boom
Matthew Liesch

“Rotting Townlands”: Peadar O’Donnell, the West of Ireland, and the Politics of Representation in Saorstát na hÉireann (Irish Free State) 1929-1933
Charles Travis

Book Reviews