American Indian Quarterly 29:3/4

American Indian Quarterly 29:3/4

Edited by Devon Abbott Mihesuah

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Table Of Contents


Guest Editor's Remarks
Amanda J. Cobb

The National Museum of the American Indian: Sharing the Gift
Amanda J. Cobb

"Concourse and Periphery" in Perspective: Well Past Planning
Judith Ostrowitz

Gym Shoes, Maps, and Passports, Oh My! Creating Community or Creating Chaos at the NMAI?
Elizabeth Archuleta

Defining the Native: Local Print Media Coverage of the NMAI
Akim D. Reinhardt

The Making of Who We Are, Now Showing at the NMAI Lelawi Theater

Beverly R. Singer

The Art of George Morrison and Allan Houser: The Development and Impact of Native Modernism
Anya Montiel

Chi Ka Sha Goes to Washington: Chickasaw Narratives on the NMAI

Joshua Don Hinson

Contradictions and Celebrations: A Hawaiian Reflection on the Opening of the nmai
J. Kehaulani Kauanui

Celebrating the Indian Way of Life
Tina Kuckkahn

A Museum of the Indian, Not for the Indian
James Lujan

Interview with W. Richard West, Director, National Museum of the American Indian

Amanda J. Cobb

Moral Minimalism in American Indian Land Claims

Burke A. Hendrix

Dammed in Region Six: The Nez Perce Tribe, Agricultural Development, and the Inequality of Scale
Benedict J. Colombi

Putting Anti-Indian Violence in Context: The Case of the Great Lakes Chippewas of Wisconsins
Barbara Perry and Linda Robyn

Young Once, Indian Forever: Youth Gangs in Indian Country
James Bell and Nicole Lim

Life After Death in Poverty: David Treuer's Little
David Stirrup

Havasu Ba Qwawa (The Language of the People)

Kimberly Andrews

Haunted by Pehin Hanska

Jay F. Custer

Sayt k'ilim goot (Of One Heart): Transforming Suffering
Patricia J. Vickers

Woody Kipp. Viet Cong at Wounded Knee: The Trail of a Blackfeet Activist

David Anthony Tyeeme Clark

Cole Harris. Making Native Space: Colonialism, Resistance, and Reserves in British Columbia
Karl Preuss

Patrick J. Daley and Beverly A. James. Cultural Politics and the Mass Media: Alaska Native Voices
Judith G. Curtis

James Sandos. Converting California: Indians and Franciscans in the Missions
Guillermo Bartelt

Patrick Minges, ed. Black Indian Slave Narratives
Michael Spivey

Colin G. Calloway and Neil Salisbury, eds. Reinterpreting New England Indians and the Colonial Experience
Gary C. Cheek Jr.

Jo Ortel. Woodland Reflections: The Art of Truman Lowe
Tulla Lightfoot

Andrew Denson. Demanding the Cherokee Nation: Indian Autonomy and American Culture, 1830-1900
Gary C. Cheek Jr.

James V. Wright and Jean-Luc Pilon, eds. A Passion for the Past: Papers in Honour of James F. Pendergast
Martha A. Latta

Suzan Marie and Judy Thompson. Whadoo Tehmi: Long Ago People's Packsack. Dene Babiche Bags: Tradition and Revival
Tulla Lightfoot

Joseph A. Dandurand. Please Do Not Touch the Indians
D. Ellenburg

Stuart Houston, Tim Ball, and Mary Houston. Eighteenth-Century Naturalists of Hudson Bay
Theodore Binnema

Orin Starn. Ishi's Brain: In Search of America's Last "Wild" Indian
Ottis Murray

Gwenyth Swain. Little Crow: Taoyateduta: Leader of the Dakota
Waziyatawin Angela Wilson