NINE 08:2

NINE 08:2

Edited by Bill Kirwin

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Diamond quotes


A Solitary Journey: Lefthander Ila Jane Borders
Jean Hastings Ardell

"A Place Leavel Enough to Play Ball": Baseball and Baseball-Type Games in the Colonial Era, Revolutionary War, and Early American Republic
Thomas L. Altherr

Baseball as a Symbiosis of Interests: A Survey of Men and Women at Minor League Games in the Midwest
Dave Ogden

The Right Piece of Carbon: Baseball Ambitions, Scouting and the Draft
George Gmelch

Diamond Hope: The Bond between Jackie and the Jews
Marc Koslowsky


Costner's Triple Play: From Bull Burham to Field of Dreams to For Love of the Game
Frank Ardolino

Baseball's Pivotal Era 1945-1951
reviewed by Lee Lowenfish

Jackie Robinson: Race, Sports, and the American Dream
reviewed by Jerry Malloy


Brushing Back Jim Crow: The Integration of Minor-League Baseball in the American South
reviewed by Ron Briley

The Pride of Havana: A History of Cuban Baseball
reviewed by David Skinner

Where's Harry?: Steve Stone Remembers His Years with Harry Carey
reviewed by Dick Crepeau

Opening Day: All Major League Baseball Season Opening Games by Team, 1876 - 1998
reviewed by Tom Ruane

The Independent Carolina Baseball League, 1936 - 1938
reviewed by James R. Tootle

Baseball's Forgotten Heroes: One Fan's Search for the Game's Most Interesting Overlooked Players
reviewed by Frederick Ivor-Campbell

Jim Bunning: Baseball and Beyond
reviewed by Jay Ziemann

Catching Dreams: My LIfe in the Negro Leagues
reviewed by Gary Land

Early Dreams
reviewed by Frances Pendleton

Missed It By That Much: Baseball Players Who Challenged the Record Books
reviewed by Rodney Johnson

Born to Play: The Eric Davis Story: Life Lessons in Overcoming Adversity On and Off the Field
reviewed by Jay Ziemann

The League that Failed
reviewed by Michael J. Haupert

The Best American Sports Writing of the Century
reviewed by William E. Akin

Stolen: A History of Base Stealing
reviewed by William T. Windham

Baseball's Golden Greeks—The First Forty Years: 1934 - 1974
reviewed by Anthony J. Papalas

Setting the Record Straight: Baseball's Greatest Batters
reviewed by William E. Akin

Mel Ott: The Little Giant of Baseball
reviewed by Jan Finkel


The Search for My First Game
Bill Kirwin

A Little League Memoir: A Mid-Life Recollection
Scott C. Stackpole

Peter Ruckoff