Frontiers 31:2

Frontiers 31:2

Edited by Susan E. Gray and Gayle Gullett

Table Of Contents

Special Issue: Stories and Storytellers

Editors' Introduction
Susan E. Gray and Gayle Gullett

From The Uninvited to The Visitor: The Post-Independence Dilemma Faced by Irish Women Writers
Abigail L. Palko

Fragments of Memory: Tales of a Wahine Warrior
Lani Cupchoy

Erica Jong, Sappho's Leap, and I: Interaction of the Novelist and the Scholar (Personal Essay)
Robert J. Ball

Performing Invisibility: Dialogue as Activism in Grace Paley's Texts
Darcy L. Brandel

Bear Dreaming (Personal Essay)
Lorna Milne

Like Royalty among Us (Artist's Statement)
Barb Matz

Becoming a Georgian Woman (Personal Essay)
Rebecca Gould

Women in Between: Filmic Representations of Gender, Race, and Nation in Ramona (1910) and The Barrier (1917) during the Progressive Era
Dominique Brégent-Heald