NINE 20:1

NINE 20:1

Edited by Trey Strecker

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Diamond Quotes

The Changing Seasons of Mark Harris's It Looked Like Forever: Henry Wiggen as Athlete and Everyman
Peter Carino

One-Hit Wonders: A Study of Contract-Year Performance among Impending Free Agents in Major League Baseball
Jason A. Martin, Trey M. Eggleston, Victoria A. Seymour, and Carrie W. LeCrom

How the Shaughnessy Plan Redefined Success in Sports
Charlie Bevis

The Jackie Robinson Story: A Reflection of Its Era
Rob Edelman

There's Something about Barry: Media Representations of a Home Run King
Matt Ventresca

Fan Perceptions of Latino Baseball Players and Their Influence on Overall Fan Satisfaction with Major League Baseball
Jason Sosa and Jacqueline McDowell

English- and Spanish-Speaking Minor League Baseball Players' Perspectives on Community Service and the Psychosocial Benefit of Helping Children
William Harris Ressler, Sebastian Itman Bocchi, and Patricia Rodríguez María

Triple Play
Personal Reviews, Op-ed Pieces, and Polemics from Outside the Purview of the Umpires
An Interview with Marc Simont
David Wilk

Book Reviews
Baseball in the Garden of Eden: The Secret History of the Early Game
Debra A. Shattuck

Swinging Away: How Cricket and Baseball Connect
Joe Gray

Early Black Baseball in Minnesota: The St. Paul Gophers, Minneapolis Keystones and Other Barnstorming Teams of the Deadball Era
Dennis Pajot

New Mexico Baseball: Miners, Outlaws, Indians and Isotopes: 1880 to the Present
Ron Briley

Rickwood Field: A Century in America's Oldest Ballpark
Kenneth R. Fenster

Edd Roush: A Biography of the Cincinnati Reds Star
Douglas K. Lehman

Carl Hubbell: A Biography of the Screwball King
Jesse Draper

Beyond DiMaggio: Italian Americans in Baseball
Peter Carino

Dixie Walker of the Dodgers: The People's Choice
Steve Gietschier

Campy: The Two Lives of Roy Campanella
Robert A. Moss

Raceball: How the Major Leagues Colonized the Black and Latin Game
Adrian Burgos Jr.

Integrating Cleveland Baseball: Media Activism, the Integration of the Indians and the Demise of the Negro League Buckeyes
Douglas K. Lehman

The Last Boy: Mickey Mantle and the End of America's Childhood
Mark Armour

Charlie Finley: The Outrageous Story of Baseball's Super Showman
Jesse Draper

Knocking on Heaven's Door: Six Minor Leaguers in Search of the Baseball Dream
Shawn O'Hare

Hot Stove Economics: Understanding Baseball's Second Season
Andrew Cleary

Wrigley Regulars: Finding Community in the Bleachers
P. J. Dragseth

Colonial Project, National Game: A History of Baseball in Taiwan
Joel S. Franks

Film Review
Baseball: The Tenth Inning
Frank Ardolino