Native South 03:1

Native South 03:1

Edited by James Taylor Carson, Robbie Ethridge, and Greg O'Brien

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Constructing Authenticity: The Indian Arts and Crafts Board and the Eastern Band of Cherokees, 1935-1985
Joshua S. Haynes

Current Archaeologies in the American Southeast
Diana DiPaolo Loren and Cameron B. Wesson

Senauki: A Forgotten Character in Early Georgia History
Julie Anne Sweet

Field Notes
The Movement of Great Tellico: The Role of Town and Clan in Cherokee Spatial Understanding
Ian Chambers

Down by the Ol' Lumbee: An Investigation into the Origin and Use of the Word "Lumbee" Prior to 1952
Lawrence T. Locklear

A Lifetime of Devotion: The T. J. Blumer Collection on the Catawba Nation, 1756–Present
N. N. Augusté

Interpreting Native American History at Public History Institutions: The Louisiana State Museum's New Traveling Exhibit as a Case Study
Charles Chamberlain