Legacy 29:1

Legacy 29:1

Edited by Nicole Tonkovich, Jennifer S. Tuttle, and Theresa Strouth Gaul

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Editor's Note

In Memoriam: Karen Dandurand, Founder and Foremother

The Racial Geopolitics of Harriet Beecher Stowe's Geography Textbooks
Yael Ben-zvi

New Girls and Bandit Brides: Female Narcissism and Lesbian Desire in Margaret Fuller's Summer on the Lakes
David Greven

Lydia Sigourney's Sailors and the Limits of Sentiment
Bryan Sinche

Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Colonial Revival
J. Samaine Lockwood

From the Archives
From Periodical to Book in Her Early Career: E. D. E. N. Southworth's Letters to Abraham Hart
Melissa J. Homestead

Legacy Profile
Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley (1818-1907)
Sari Edelstein

Book Reviews
The Diary of Hannah Callender Sansom: Sense and Sensibility in the Age of the American Revolution, edited by Susan E. Klepp and Karin Wulf
Caroline Wigginton

Women Writers of the American West, 1833-1927, by Nina Baym
Victoria Lamont

Something Akin to Freedom: The Choice of Bondage in Narratives by African American Women, by Stephanie Li
Rynetta Davis

Well-Read Lives: How Books Inspired a Generation of American Women, by Barbara Sicherman
Elizabeth Long

Becoming Visible: Women's Presence in Late Nineteenth-Century America, edited by Janet Floyd, Alison Easton, R. J. Ellis, and Lindsey Traub
Carolyn Sorisio

Nellie Arnott's Writings on Angola, 1905-1913: Missionary Narratives Linking Africa and America, by Sarah Robbins and Ann Ellis Pullen
Barbara Reeves-Ellington

Emma Wolf's Short Stories in The Smart Set, edited by Barbara Cantalupo
Edward S. Cutler