Gettysburg Magazine 20

Gettysburg Magazine 20

Edited by Bob Younger

Table Of Contents

Introduction: "Gettysburg Revisited"
by Edwin Cole Bearss

Imboden's Advance to Gettysburg
by Steve French

Confederate Brig. Gen. B. H. "Bev" Robertson Interviewed on the Gettysburg Campaign
by Patrick A. Bowmaster

Stuart's Ride: Lee, Stuart, and the Confederate Cavalry in the Gettysburg Campaign
by David Powell

Theodore Garnett Recalls Cavalry Service with General Stuart, June 16-28, 1863
by James Robbins Jewell

A Cavalry Regiment's First Campaign: The 18th Pennsylvania at Gettysburg
by Harold A. Klingensmith

Personal Battle Weapons of the Civil War: Two Cavalry Arms in the Gettysburg Campaign: One Lost, One Gained
by Wiley Sword

For the Truth of History: July 1, 1863: The Charge on the Railroad Cut
by Lance J. Herdegen

They Died as if on Dress Parade: The Annihilation of Iverson's Brigade at Gettysburg and the Battle of Oak Ridge
by Paul Clark Cooksey

The 12th New Hampshire Regiment at Gettysburg and Beyond
by James A. Burns

Monumental Litigation
by David M. McGlaughlin