Gettysburg Magazine 30

Gettysburg Magazine 30

Edited by Bob Younger

Table Of Contents

Introduction: "Gettysburg Revisited"
by Edwin Cole Bearss

A Battle of Wits: Intelligence Operations During the Gettysburg Campaign. Part 2: Strategy, Tactics, and Lee's March
by Thomas J. Ryan

Passing the Test: George C. Meade's Initiation as Army Commander
by David L. Callihan

Encounter at the Triangular Field: The 124th New York and the 1st Texas at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863
by Maj. Charles R. Bowery, Jr.

Bringing Home a Fallen Son: The Story of Lt. Willis G. Babcock, 64th New York Volunteer Infantry
by Matthew W. Hutchinson

Pvt. David D. P. Alexander, Company G, 11th Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry
by Joe Stahl

Forcing the Issue: Brig. Gen. Henry Hunt at Gettysburg on July 3, 1863
by Paul Clark Cooksey

What Mean These Stones? Another Monumental Controversy
by David R. Gutnecht

John Hammond's "Mis-stake": How a Misplaced Wooden Stake Altered the History of Farnsworth's Charge at Gettysburg
by Andie Custer

Where Defeated Valor Lies: A Rose Farm Mystery Solved
by Gregory A. Coco