Great Plains Quarterly 16:1

Great Plains Quarterly 16:1

Edited by Frances W. Kaye

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Table Of Contents

Mari Sandoz Nebraska Sandhills Author: A Centennial Recognition
Barbara Rippey and John R. Wunder

"She Does Not Write Like a Historian": Mari Sandoz and the Old and New Western History
Betsy Downey

Mari Sandoz's "Slogum House": Greed as Woman
Glenda Riley

Recasting Epic Tradition: The Dispossessed as Hero in Sandoz's "Crazy Horse" and "Cheyenne Autumn"
Lisa R. Lindell

Mari Sandoz's Portrait of an Artisit's Youth: Robert Henri's Nebraska Years
Helen Winter Stauffer

Book Reviews
Prairie University: A History of the University of Nebraska by Robert E. Knoll
Paul F. Sharp

Rooted in Dust: Surviving Drought and Depression in Southwestern Kansas by Pamela Riney-Kehrberg
Thomas R. Wessel

Dry Farming in the Northern Great Plains: Years of Readjustment, 1920-1990 by Mary W. M. Hargreaves
David C. Jones

Lakol Wokiksuye: La Mémoire Visuel des Lakota by Helga Lomosits and Paul Harbaugh
Olive Patricia Dickason

A Dose of Frontier Soldiering: The Memoirs of Corporal E. A. Bode, Frontier Regular Infantry, 1877-1882 by Thomas T. Smith
Markku Henriksson

Elizabeth Bacon Custer and the Making of a Myth by Shirley A. Leckie
Kimberly Jensen

Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock: Treaty Rights and Indian Law at the End of the Nineteenth Century by Blue Clark
Ramona Skinner

We Are a People in This World: The Lakota Sioux and the Massacre at Wounded Knee by Conger Beasley, Jr.
Joe Starita

Cowgirls of the Rodeo: Professional Athletes by Mary Lou LeCompte
Joan Wells

Cowboys and Kansas: Stories from the Tallgrass Prairie by Jim Hoy
Timo Heiskanen

"That Man Partridge": E. A. Partridge, His Thoughts and Times by Murray Knuttila
Mary Higginbotham

The Metropolitan Frontier: Cities in the Modern West by Carl Abbott
Robert B. Fairbanks

Dangerous Passage: The Santa Fe Trail and the Mexican War by William Y. Chalfant and Marc Simmons
Duane A. Smith

Looking for History on Highway 14 by John E. Miller
Mark Ellis
Roadside History of South Dakota by Linda Hasselstrom
Chuck Vollan

Notes & News