Great Plains Research 15:1

Great Plains Research 15:1

Edited by Robert F. Diffendal

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Potential Ecological Impact of Diet Selectivity and Bison Herd Composition
Claudia A. Rosas, David M. Engle, and James H. Shaw

Distribution of Carnivore Burrows in a Prairie Landscape
Glennis A. Kaufman, Scott D. Kocher, and Donald W. Kaufman

Availability of Suitable Habitat for Northern River Otters in South Dakota
Alyssa M. Kiesow and Charles D. Dieter

Evidence of Holocene Climate Change in a Nebraska Sandhills Wetland
Barbara J. Nicholson and James B. Swinehart


Impacts of Business Development in Rural Communities
Cheryl S. DeVuyst, F. Larry Leistritz, and Angela Schepp

Predictors of Earnings for Mexican Americans in the Midwest
Rosalie Torres Stone and Bandana Purkayastha

Depopulation and Rural Churches in Kansas, 1950-1980
Robert Wuthnow

The Impact of Higher Energy Prices on Great Plains Crop Farm Expenditures
By Jeffery R. Williams, Richard G. Nelson, and Michael L. Langemeier


Hartman, Joseph H., Kirk R. Johnson, and Douglas J. Nichols, eds.
The Hell Creek Formation and the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary in the Northern Great Plains: An Integrated Continental Record of the End of the Cretaceous
By Russell J. Jacobson

Hoganson, John W., and Edward C. Murphy
Geology of the Lewis & Clark Trail in North Dakota
By Richard L. Josephs

Houston, Stuart, Tim Ball, and Mary Houston
Eighteenth-Century Naturalists of Hudson Bay
By Greg Michalenko

Johnsgard, Paul A.
Lewis and Clark on the Great Plains: A Natural History
By Andrea S. Laliberte

Johnsgard, Paul A.
Great Wildlife of the Plains
By Gregory A. Smith

Gress, Bob, and Paul A. Johnsgard
Faces of the Great Plains: Prairie Wildlife
By James H. Shaw

Lockwood, Mark W., and Brush Freeman
The TOS Handbook of Texas Birds
By Kent Rylander

Johansen, Bruce E., ed.
Enduring Legacies: Native American Treaties and Contemporary Controversies
By Taiawagi Helton

White, Jerry P., Paul S. Maxim, and Dan Beavon, eds.
Aboriginal Conditions: Research as a Foundation for Public Policy
By Nathalie Piquemal

Berman, Tressa
Circle of Goods: Women, Work, and Welfare in a Reservation Community
By Alice Littlefield

Melnar, Lynette R.
Caddo Verb Morphology
By David S. Rood

Piott, Steven L.
Giving Voters a Voice: The Origins of the Initiative and Referendum in America
By Allan J. Cigler

Diaz, Harry P., Joann Jaffe, and Robert Stirling, eds.
Farm Communities at the Crossroads: Challenge and Resistance
By Kenneth C. Bessant

Jackson, Dana L., and Laura L. Jackson, eds.
The Farm as Natural Habitat: Reconnecting Food Systems with Ecosystems
By Richard A. Levins

Imhoff, Daniel, and Roberto Carra
Farming with the Wild: Enhancing Biodiversity on Farms and Ranches
By David L. Van Tassel

Swihart, Robert K., and Jeffrey E. Moore, eds.
Conserving Biodiversity in Agricultural Landscapes: Model-Based Planning Tools
By Robert D. Sopuck

Bailey, Britt, and Marc Lappe, eds.
Engineering the Farm: Ethical and Social Aspects of Agricultural Biotechnology
By Clark Wolf

Centner, Terence J.
Empty Pastures: Confined Animals and the Transformation of the Rural Landscape
By Laura L. Jackson