Frontiers 09:1

Frontiers 09:1

Edited by Kathi George

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Table Of Contents

Letter to Our Readers


Papers from the Symposium on "Women, Power, and Sex in the 21st Century," New York City, January 13, 1986

Opening Remarks
Barbara Cicatelli

Contraception in Context
Robin Mary Gillespie and Ruth Hubbard

Changes and Continuities in Women's Economic Position
Mary C. Murphree

Religion and Reproductive Freedom: Towards a Feminist Ethic of Rights and Responsibility
Frances Kissling

Evolving Gender Roles and the Paradox of Choice: Options or Illusions?
Sue Rosenberg Zalk

Photographs by Bettye Lane and Marilyn Humphries

Who Is Frightened of Reproductive Freedom for Women and Why? Some Historical Answers
Linda Gordon

20/20 Vision: A Perspective on Women's Changing Roles and the Structure of American Families, Past and Future
Susan D. Toliver

Women and Reproductive Technologies
Mary Brown Parlee

Remaking Conception and Pregnancy: How the Laws Influence Reproductive Technology
Lori B. Andrews

Summary of the Task Force Report

Abortion: A Moral Choice
Carter Heyward

Our Ten-Year Engagement with Gender
Barbara Charlesworth Gelpi

The Female Nude in Public Art: Constructing Women's Sexual Identity in the Visual Arts
Mary Kenon Breazeale

The Politics of Sexual Knowledge: Feminism and Sexology Textbooks
Marilyn Myerson

Whither the Womb? Myths, Machines, and Mothers
Amadeo F. D'Adamo, Jr., and Elaine Hoffman Baruch


Body Politic/Body Pleasured: Feminism's Theories of Sexuality, A Review Essay
Reviewed by Michele Aina Barale

From Crime to Choice: The Transformation of Abortion in America
Reviewed by Linda Weber