The Undecidable Unconscious 02:1

The Undecidable Unconscious 02:1

Edited by Alan Bass

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Table Of Contents


A Few Words (and Five Notes) of Introduction
Elizabeth Rottenberg
Beyond the Power Principle
Jacques Derrida, Translated by Elizabeth Rottenberg
On the History of Fetishism: De Brosses and Comte
Alan Bass
The Freudian Psychic Apparatus: A Bio-Politics of Resistance and Alteration
Rosaura Martínez Ruiz
Beyond the Breach: Psychoanalysis, Deconstruction, Therapeutic Action
Brian Kloppenberg
Stiegler and the Clinic
Jared Russell
The Life Drive of Derrida’s Abolitionism: A Review of The Death Penalty: Volume I
Ryan Gustafson