Frontiers 36:2

Frontiers 36:2

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Editors’ Note
Judy Tzu-Chun Wu and Cricket Keating

The Feminine Mystique at Fifty
Reflecting on the Book That Inspired, Angered, and Forever Changed America

Joan Marie Johnson, Francesca Morgan, and Michelle Nickerson

Activists’ Panel
Mary Ann Johnson, Rebecca Sive, Christine Riddiough, Anne Ladky, and Joan Hall

“To Fulfill an Ambition of [Her] Own”: Work, Class, and Identity in The Feminine Mystique
Katherine Turk

“The Happy Housewife Heroine” and “The Sexual Sell”: Legacies of Betty Friedan’s Critique of the Image of Women
Elizabeth Fraterrigo

The Feminine Mystique at Fifty
Susan Levine

Normalizing the “Variant” in The Ladder, America’s Second Lesbian Magazine, 1956–1963
Elyse Vigiletti

Undermining Identities in Johnny Blazes’ Check One Please: The Ambiguous Body as Feminist Performance Tool
Kellyn Johnson

Artist Statement
Gail Thacker

“We Are Extraordinarily Lucky to Be Living in These Times”: A Conversation with Grace Lee Boggs
Karín Aguilar-San Juan

Sensibility and Science: Motherhood and the Gendering of Knowledge in Two Mezzotints after Joseph Wright of Derby
Louise Siddons

Elizabeth Barton’s Claim: Feminist Defiance in Wolf Hall
Robinson Murphy

Constructing Radical Black Female Subjectivities: Survival Pimping in Austin Clarke’s The Polished Hoe
Jennifer Thorington Springer

J. Dee Cochran

Four Women on a Ptown Beach
J. Dee Cochran

Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies Turns Forty! Reflections from Former Editors
Kathi George, Alanna Preussner, Elizabeth Jameson, Louise Lamphere, Jane Slaughter, Sue Armitage, Patricia Hart, Karen Weathermon, Susan E. Gray, and Gayle Gullett