Hotel Amerika 02:1

Hotel Amerika 02:1

Edited by David Lazar

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Table Of Contents


Lela Nargi
Invisible Summer (page 75)

Lia Purpura
Shattering: A Compendium (page 12)


William Black
Swimmers (page 36)

Edith Pearlman
Silence (page 64)

Louise Wareham
Miss Me A Lot Of (page 22)


Christine Boyka Kluge
Two Ships Passing At Noon (page 89)
World of Darkness (page 90)
Engraved Watch (page 91)

Kathleen McGookey
Ache (page 55)

Gary Young
Untitled (page 34)
Untitled (page 35)


Josh Bell
Epithalamion, Ex Post Facto (page 56)
Notes for a Movie Entitled Revenge of the Necrophiliacs (page 60)
Coming Attractions (page 61)

Charles Bernstein
Ghost or a Chance (page 18)
ChoCho Ch'Boogie (page 19)
Stranger in Paradise (page 20)
Broken English (page 21)

Mark Bibbins
Slipping Mickeys (page 92)

Michael Chitwood
The Bees at Dusk (page 82)

David Citino
Coprolites (page 28)

Billy Collins
Monday (page 52)
Evening Alone (page 54)

Stephen Dunn
Mercy (page 30)
Beliefs (page 31)
The Stairway (page 33)

Alice B. Fogel
Variation 21: Dying Man (page 93)
Variation 5: Spinning (page 94)

Ian Ganassi
Now and Later (page 62)

Dieter M Gräf (Andrew Shields, trans.)
Meals (page 6)

Piotr Gwiazda
Dog Days (page 72)
July (page 73)
Song of the Kidnapped Girl (page 74)

Tony Hoagland
Operations (page 8)
Original Wound (page 9)

Judy Ireland
Growing Girls in Iowa (page 63)

Emiliano de Lucas (H.E. Francis, trans.)
Chain (page 80)
Entrance (page 81)

Ross Martin
Won't You Be My Neighbor (page 70)
Area Man (page 71)

Dan Masterson
By the Sea, By the Sea (page 27)

Joe Osterhaus
The Hurricane (page 99)

Martin Ott
Magician's Heaven (page 101)
Syzygy (page 103)

Stanley Plumly
Gene Tierney (page 68)
Nostalgia (page 69)

Bill Rector
here (page 79)

Richard Robbins
The House (page 97)
Ends (page 98)

Jorge Sánchez
Poem on These Days (page 51)

Jim Simmerman
Neverland (page 85)
"If Wishes Were Horses..." (page 86)
Man in the Moon (page 87)

Terese Svoboda
Picnic Portents (page 29)

Larissa Szporluk
Painfully Aware (page 10)
Democratic Ghosts (page 11)

Lee Upton
The Hedge (page 83)
Saturn and His Children (page 84)

Ryan Van Cleave
After the Death of Li Po, I Continue to Correspond with Tu Fu in Li Po's Name (page 95)

David Wagoner
Pablo Neruda Catches the Rain (page 50)

Greg Williamson
Monkey's Fist (page 7)