Hotel Amerika 02:2

Hotel Amerika 02:2

Edited by David Lazar

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Table Of Contents


James Boorstein
Exploring the Northern Shore along the Ship Canal (page 97)

Michelle Cliff
Cross Country: A Documentary in Ten Jump Cuts (page 110)

Joanna Frueh
The Laughing Lover (page 9)

Alphonso Lingis
Feeling Her Body, Dreaming Her Body (page 25)

Nancy Mairs
The End of the World (page 42)


Mary Cross
The Wedding (page 72)

Paul Maliszewski
Thriller (page 89)

Rob Morris
Mountaintop (page 85)

Gladys Swan
Ancestors (page 52)


David Axelrod
Romantic Ode (page 108)
Pedagogic Parable (page 109)

Christopher Buckley
My History of Ancient Egypt (page 2)
The Sea Again (page 3)

Ray Gonzalez
Anasazi Glass, Field Museum, Chicago (page 38)
These Sayings (page 39)
The Shiver (page 40)
Things (page 41)

Hugh Steinberg
Not Love (page 80)


Radu Andriescu (Adam J. Sorkin, trans.)
Dancing the Manele with Ruxandra (page 94)

Angela Ball
School Bus in Spain (page 8)

Mary Jo Bang
Blue Thought Circle (page 49)
Catastrophe Theory II (page 50

Ruxandra Cesereanu (Adam J. Sorkin, trans.)
Bacchante Dancing (page 92)

Joshua Corey
from Severance Songs (page 7)

Dana Curtis
Trespass VIII (page 32)
An Election Entertainment (page 33)

Misty Harper
Scientific Laws of Rising and Falling (page 24)

Jeffrey Harrison
The Day My Mother Drowned (page 82)
My Personal Tornado (page 83)

Bob Hicok
Country Music (page 60)
Letter of My Day (page 61)

Cynthia Hogue
The Book of What Is (page 48)

Mark Jarman
One of the Stone (page 4)
Soul Surfing (page 5)
The Fact (page 6)

John Kinsella
Hinterland (page 63)

Maxine Kumin
The Map of Need (page 34)
The Burners, The Buriers (page 36)

Ander Monson
Revealing Winter Ritual (page 88)

Jean Nordhaus
Surface Tension (page 84)

Aaryn D. Richard
After (I Said) Mourning (page 81)

Matt Shears
1:fracture (page 68)
6:fracture (page 69)

Mike Smith
Stevens at the Strip: Peak Season (page 31)

Saviana Stanescu
Dancing with Woolfs (or After Hours) (page 91)

Jennifer Tonge
The Turkish Plum (page 1)

Nance Van Winckel
The Pitcher (page 70)
Butte, Evening In (page 71)