Hotel Amerika 03:1

Hotel Amerika 03:1

Edited by David Lazar

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Table Of Contents


Natania Rosenfeld
Enthrallments (page 19)

Lynn Strongin
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (page 98)


Janet Kaplan
Newscast (page 88)
Born Anew (page 89)

Luis Omar Salinas
A Little Narrative (page 56)


Alison Baker
Debris (page 5)

Stephanie Dickinson
Blue Wind Witch (page 37)

kari edwards
hanging from the sky (page 86)

Karin Ludewig
Miscreant (page 59)

Dwight Yates
Reading Erica Jong (page 71)


What Would Christ Say? (page 50)
Writers Workshop (page 51)

Rane Arroyo
The Big Bad Wolf is Real (page 67)

Aliki Barnstone
At 3:07 A.M. (page 28)
Idealism (page 29)

David Blair
The Sneeksuck (page 33)

Elaine Bleakney
The Volcano House (page 34)

Deborah Brandon
Untitled (page 55)

Elena Karina Byrne
Due North: Mask (page 11)

Karen Chase
Striper (page 13)

Mary Crow
The Puppet Master's Eyes (page 4)

Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle
On the Verge of Cooing (page 66)

Denise Duhamel and Maureen Seaton
Never Tell your Dreams Fasting, and Always Tell Them First to a Woman Called Mary (page 16)
Something to Do with Church (page 18)

Joshua Edwards
Body at Wrong End of Arm (page 57)

John Gallaher
In the Direction of X. In the City of Zero (page 82)
Thicker (page 83)

Kevin González
Cultural Slut (page 52)

Johannes Göransson
Bride (page 84)

Michael Heffernan
Nightfall (page 24)
Lazarus (page 25)
Country (page 26)

Mark Irwin
Little Opus, Leaning at That (page 2)
Call (page 3)

Mark Jarman
Findings of the WMAP Satellite (page 31)

Eve Jones
Flotsam and Jetsam (page 65)

Jesse Lee Kercheval
Film Upon Film (page 75)
The Dark That is Not Sleeping (page 76)

Joanna Klink
Scarcity (page 97)

Dan Masterson
Final Approach (page 1)

Thorpe Moeckel
Inside the River (page 64)

Amy Newman
To be conquered or seized. (page 49)

Philip Pardi
Seven Parables of the Return (page 92)

Simon Perchik
* (page 70)

Rafael Pérez Estrada (Steven J. Stewart, trans.)
Palmistry (page 90)
Images (page 91)

Aaryn D. Richard
A Psalm in Which the Voice in Which the Voice Never Claims Betrayal (page 78)

Elizabeth Robinson
Arranging for a Beginning (page 14)
Ring and Bridge (page 15)

Jay Rogoff
Aspirations (page 68)
Bar Mitzvah in Prague (page 69)

Geri Rosenzweig
The Rain of Small Hours (page 58)

Lisa Samuels
The Garden of Love (page 80)
Historical Girl (page 81)

Floyd Skloot
Still November (page 27)

Katherine Soniat
Moss and Violets (page 12)

Jon Thompson
Letter 3 (page 93)

Kyle Thompson
Extreme Asceticism Novena (page 48)

John Tritica
All Matter is Encounter (page 94)

David Wagoner
What the Stones Say (page 32)

Leslie Whatley
An Untitled Poem (page 54)