Hotel Amerika 08:2

Hotel Amerika 08:2

Edited by David Lazar

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Table Of Contents


Bernadette Esposito
If You Had Wings: A Biography in Plane Crashes (page 25)

Marilyn Abildskov
The Summer Of Barbeques (page 55)

Marcia Aldrich
Sidestroke: The Mother Essay, 2.0 (page 68)

Barrie Jean Borich
Alabaster City's Gleam [A body map of Chicago, with insets.] (page 87)

Kathryn Winograd
Guns, Knives, and the Amazon Warrior Princess (page 101)

Tony Whedon
Looking for The Three-Toed Woodpecker (page 119)

Xu Xi
B.G. The Significant Years (page 133)


Alexandra Chasin
Recall, Cipher, Their Fragmentation, and Then (page 16)

Patty Seyburn
Famous Girl (page 22)
Catastrophe is a Hard Blow (page 23)

Patrick Leonard
The Belt and the Bow (page 78)
Afternoon at Sea (page 79)
Millie and the Practitioner (page 80)

Jeff Alessandrelli
Erik Satie Watusies His Way Into Sound (page 118)

G.C. Waldrep
You Place the Needle on the Vinyl, and then You Close Your Eyes (page 130)
Final Appeal to the Loose-Aorted (page 131)


Sarah White
Alice Ages and Ages (page 2)

Mary Cappello
Objective Correlatives: A trialogue on love (page 7)

Marianne Villanueva
Ghosts (page 24)

Elaine Terranova
Elegiac: Footnotes to Rilke's Duino Elegies, I-VI (page 33)

Kelly Cherry
The End of Time (page 52)

Jennifer L. Knox
Cars (page 64)

Brian Teare
Tall Flatsedge Notebook (Cyperus eregrostis) (page 108)

Ben Quick
The Lotus Born (page 116)

Christina Manweller
The Preparation of Terrapin Soup (with Instruction for Mock Terrapin Soup) & Hagiography- Selections in Diagram (page 127)

G.C. Waldrep
Ode to the Carpenter Bee (page 132)


Ann de Forest
Mystery and Melancholy of the Street (page 143)

Monica McFawn
Improvisation (page 154)


Charlene Fix
Less Than Zero (page 1)

Albert Goldbarth
The Lamps (page 17)
"The Wrestlers... (page 18)

Patty Seyburn
I Have Written the Last Elegy (page 20)

Dawn Marie Knopf
Sunday Edition (page 30)

Diane Wakoski
The Man in Leathers Who Held Me (page 43)
Instead of Coyotes Sleeping In Their Sagebrush Beds (page 44)
The Bolt of Smoke While Listening to Marilyn Hacker Read Her Poems (page 46)

Alice Jones
Vision (page 48)
Pairs (page 50)

Dorinda Wegener
Statue (page 54)
Four Fields (page 74)
There is a Third Eye to Every Memory (page 75)

Richard Cecil
April Anniversary (page 60)
Blue Star (page 62)

Gary Dop
The Super Shows the Apartment of the Murdered Girl (page 71)
The Father Identifies the Body (page 72)

Susan Terris
No Stork (page 81)

Christian Barter
Sonnets to Elise (page 82)
Alien (page 84)

Lance Larsen
Leash (page 86)

Cynthia Hogue
Étude (on Listening) (page 96)
Étude (on Memory) Loire Valley: June 1940/January 2005 (page 97)

Matthew Gavin Frank
After La Signora painting by Mario Cavaglieri (page 98)

Darren Morris
Four Cheerleaders: Orca Numbers Down : : Taco Bellgrande (page 105)

Gregory Fraser
Correspondent (page 124)

David Axelrod
Whoever Said to Praise Only (page 138)

Elise Levine
Two Women Ride a Pig (page 140)
Late (page 141)

Jay Rogoff
Death's Animation (page 142)

Mary Gilliland
Can You (page 147)

William Heyen
Mother Triptych (page 148)
From the Fields (page 150)

Maureen Thorson
from Applies to Oranges (page 152)

Claudia Burbank
Phobic (page 156)

Contributors' Notes (page 159)