Hotel Amerika 09:2

Hotel Amerika 09:2

Edited by David Lazar

Table Of Contents


James Richardson
3.1: Aphorisms and Ten Second Essays (page 15)

Sharon Dolin
The Book of Lost Aphorisms (page 29)

E. Shaskan Bumas
Keyboard Improvisations (page 42)

James Lough
Aphorisms (page 48)

Michael Leong
from "Cutting Time With a Knife" (page 54)

George Murray
Glimpses (page 61)

Jeff Hardin

Short Dis-courses on Memory (page 72)

James Geary
Assays (page 80)

Yahia Lababidi
An Aphorists World: from A to W (page 84)
Aphorisms (page 132)

H.L. Hix
95 Theses: A Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of the Formal in Poetry (page 90)

Ann Lauinger
Proverbs of Pure Line (page 107)

Irving Feldman
Clay Laughs (page 108)

Richard Kostelanetz
Maxims III (page 111)

David Baker
Half Stitches (page 118)

Anne Reynolds
from Story of the Alphabet (page 149)


John Bradley
Steven Carter
Dan Chelotti
Jill Christman
Christopher Cokinos
Joshua Edwards
Kevin Griffith
Judy Halebsky
Richard Krause
Sara Levine
Daniel Liebert
Patrick Madden
Dan Moreau
Mark Neely
Eric Nelson
Daniel Nester
Louis Phillips
Richard Rauch
Helen Ruggieri
B.A. Russo
Dennis Saleh
Kris Saknussemm
Lorraine Schein
Alex Stein
Michael Paul Thomas
Lee Upton
William G. Ward
Manfred Weidhorn
Matthew Westbrook
Janet Wondra
Holly Woodward

Contributors' Notes (page 154)